50% Off Body Wraps

Dorit Baxter Weekly Promo is now 50% off beautifying body wraps

Our spa’s body wraps—simultaneously beautifying, healing, invigorating, slimming, and hydrating—are provided at exceptionally low prices for quality treatments in midtown Manhattan. This week, we are halving our already low prices on body wraps to give you a deal too real to miss out on.

Detoxify, Tone & Tighten

A Seaweed Slimmer at Dorit Baxter is a body detoxifier, toner, and tightener that boosts a diet and incentivizes a body trim. This powerful treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, but anyone else who wants to jump start a slimmer self will appreciate the motivating properties of our potent seaweed body wrap.

Nature’s Healing

Our spa’s Herbal Body Wrap envelops you in the fragrant warmth and gently healing benefits of botanical and herbal essences. This treatment purifies and pampers so that the skin is smoothed as impurities are released, and the mood is soothed in a cozy and comforting environment.

mummySweat Out the Toxins

Another name for our signature Slimming Wrap is “Suddenly Slimmer,” because, after your body is wrapped in bandages soaked in slimming oils and minerals, and the effects are sealed with a thermal blanket to sweat away the bloat, you will float out of the treatment room feeling both detoxed and amazingly slimmed down.

Hydrate & Heal

The Full Body Paraffin Treatment at Dorit Baxter will hydrate and moisturize the skin while loosening muscles and joints, so that you receive the wellness advantages of hydration, the aesthetic benefits of a rejuvenated skin, plus a boosting of your physical stamina and agility.

See you at our conveniently located midtown Spa for a 50% Discount in Beautifying Body Wraps, Valid thru Sunday Aug 3rd 2014
Dorit Baxter & the Spa Staff

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Summertime’s Spa Treatments

Popular summertime treatments at Dorit Baxter include a facial, a pedicure, and a bikini wax

Every season at our spa in midtown Manhattan brings an interest in specific treatments. Here are the favorites at the height of summer.

facial (2)Hydrate Your Skin with Dorit Baxter’s Signature Facial

The old song may say, “Summertime and the Livin Is Easy,” but not so for your face, which has been subject to sun exposure that endangers derma health. Our signature Classic European Facial will soothe and smooth skin irritated from sun exposure, while the application of a hydrating mask will bring moisture back to your face and with it a rejuvenated appearance.

Summer Is Prime Time for a Pedicure

Our clients tell us that we provide the best Pedicure in Manhattan. You’ll see why after one of our expert nail technicians treats your feet to a thorough scrub with mineral salts followed by a moisturizing foot rub, after which your nails are groomed to perfection before a polish of your choice is applied In this season when your toenails get at least as much attention as the nails on your fingers, you can be confident that the tips of your toes will convey the best in midtown chic.

Be Beach-Buffed with a Bikini Wax

Of all the Waxing Services at our conveniently located midtown spa, the Bikini Wax is the most popular at this time of year, because it lets you enjoy easy, breezy beach time with confidence that you can be hair-free up to the bikini line.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our midtown spa for the best summertime treatments in New York City

Dorit Baxter & Staff

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$99 Beautifying Trio

Dorit Baxter Weekly Spa Promotion: $99 Trio of Beautifying Treatments

New York’s Best Beautifiers

As the dog days sizzle, Dorit Baxter provides a sweet relief from the heat and humidity with a trio of beautifying treatments designed to smooth your skin, rejuvenate your mood, and polish your nails to perfection, all for under a hundred dollars

Beat the Heat with a Cool Massage

sportsblogOur spa’s Half Hour Massage will work out muscular kinks from the jogging track, tennis court, or those rigorous seaside volley ball games. This is the chance to cool off your body and chill out overheated nerves. As tension knots impeding the flow of oxygen and other nutrients to your bodily tissues are unraveled, your appearance reveals a rejuvenated mood.

Euphoria Express via Exfoliation

A signature Dorit Baxter treatment, our Sea Salt Body Scrub succeeds in exfoliating your skin via a massage with a gentle paste of mineral-rich salt mixed with aromatic oils.

The direct result of the exfoliation process is a purified and beautified body; the delightful byproduct is the experience of euphoric sensations.

Polishing + Pampering = Perfection

Come in from those infernally steaming streets to our soothingly cool spa space and treat yourself to a Dorit Baxter Manicure that will give your appearance that sharp edge of freshly polished fingernails, while the fingers themselves, and the hands, are caringly pampered.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our Midtown Spa for a $99 Trio of Beautifying Treatments Valid thru Sunday July 27

Dorit Baxter & Staff

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$69 Massage Extended

By popular request, Dorit Baxter’s $69 Massage is extended for another week

Popular Request

We have extended our weekly spa promo of a $69 massage by another week because so many of our clients have so persuasively asked us to. Here are some of the underlining reasons for the request:

TechNeck2Recognizing Value of Massage

Thirty-plus years ago, when Dorit began offering in midtown Manhattan therapeutic massage along with skin care and nail care services, massage was still viewed as an indulgence, certainly enjoyable but scarcely necessary. Now we recognize that therapeutic bodywork is as much an intrinsic part of a regimen committed to wellness as facials and manicures are to aesthetics.

Rethinking Summer Massage

Many people think of winter as the only time prime for massage, because cold weather can constrict muscles into knots and flatted the mood. “I always think I deserve pampering in winter, but not in summer,” one client reflected. Not so, we say. From heat waves to jogging-induced muscle cramps, summer is a season that too requires a loosening of the muscular knots that are blocking the flow of nutrients to the body.

Summertime Spontaneity

We always associate summertime with being spontaneous, simply slipping into a pair of sandals and a sundress and we’re ready to frolic. This is why a weekly spa promo fits so smoothly into summer’s easy-breezy mode: you learn about what’s hot this week at our midtown spa where affordable prices meet quality treatments, and you call on the spot for an appointment.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our Midtown Spa for a $69 Massage Valid thru Sunday July 20

Dorit Baxter & Massage Therapists

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Waxing Q & A Part IV

Waxing Q & A Part IV: Dorit Baxter answers more of the most frequently asked questions about the waxing technique for removing body hair

Q: How soon after a waxing can I be in the sun?waxingpage
A: Wait at least two hours, and then apply sunscreen

Q: Are there places on the body where waxing is not the optimal mode of hair removal?
A: chin, upper lip, under arms

Q: Should pregnant women avoid a Brazilian Wax?
A: Yes, after the first trimester.

Q: What wax do you use at your spa?
A: Traditional Honey Wax because it is friendly to the skin

Q: Is there an optimal time of the monthly cycle to have a bikini or Brazilian wax?
A:  During menstruation the body is more sensitive

Q: How long will skin reddening last after a waxing?
A: 24 hours

Q: What will relieve the itchiness when coarse hair grows back?
A: cortisone cream – over the counter

Q: Is it okay to shave hair before it is ready for another waxing?
A: It’s ok, if you must.

This completes our series of Waxing Q & A. We hope it has been helpful to you. If you have additional questions, please let us know what they are and we will answer them.

See you soon at our conveniently located Midtown Spa where we are ready to meet all your waxing needs,

Dorit Baxter & Staff

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