Microdermabrasion Part II

In the second post in a series detailing our spa’s decision process about Microdermabrasion, Dorit relates the results of the trial usage we gave it.

A skin-care practitioner in midtown Manhattan since 1980 and founder of one of the first day spas in the U.S., Dorit Baxter speaks out about derma health and aesthetics

A skin-care practitioner in midtown Manhattan since 1980 and founder of one of the first day spas in the U.S., Dorit Baxter speaks out about derma health and aesthetics

Improvement Was Impressive–Initially

We observed our experimental subject’s skin a few days after the Microdermabrasion treatment and it was bright, clear, and softer; and the very fine lines were definitely diminished. But a week later we saw that the esthetician’s skin had gone back to its pre- Microdermabrasion appearance. That was when I realized that the procedure has two serious flaws that I believed disqualified it as a prospective skin care treatment at Dorit Baxter New York Day Spa.

Flawed Treatment

Microdermabrasion strips off the natural oils of the skin, thus leaving the derma vulnerable to the environment by thinning out the epidermis.
Microdermabrasion is a costly treatment that does not justify the price because it is does not have a long lasting effect.

Only One Possible Decision

It is not easy for a spa owner when she decides not to add to her menu of services a treatment that is becoming increasing popular, but I knew that I could not include in my spa’s skin care options a procedure in which I did not have confidence.

In the next post on this blog, Dorit describes the process by which she found an alternative for Microdermabrasion—and she didn’t have to look very far.

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Microdermabrasion Part I

How does a responsible spa owner decide whether or not to use a new procedure? Read how Dorit Baxter tested a high-profile treatment—and found it wanting

A skin-care practitioner in midtown Manhattan since 1980 and founder of one of the first day spas in the U.S., Dorit Baxter speaks out about derma health and aesthetics

A skin-care practitioner in midtown Manhattan since 1980 and founder of one of the first day spas in the U.S., Dorit Baxter speaks out about derma health and aesthetics

Quality Control at Dorit Baxter

At my New York Day Spa, we are always interested to hear about new treatments. A trend-setter myself, I have always kept up with the latest in skin-care procedures and products, but before I will provide a procedure or use a product at the spa, I have to be absolutely certain that it is of the highest quality. I have my own system of quality control—I and my staff test new procedures and products before including them in our menu of services.

Microdermabrasion Becomes Popular

Over a decade ago, a new procedure was becoming popular in spas and dermatology practices. This procedure called Microdermabrasion entails the use of an exfoliating material, such as crystal grains or diamond flakes, and a buffing tool to remove the oldest dead skin cells that cling to the epidermis, the skin’s outermost protective surface.

Was the Hype Justified?

We were interested in what we were hearing about this non-invasive procedure that can be performed by a trained esthetician in a spa and wondered if all the hype about this new treatment would prove to be accurate.

An In-House Experiment

We invited a medical supplier to come in with their machine and demonstrate this process One of our in-house estheticians volunteered to have the procedure performed on her face and we all waited to with interest to see the results.

In the next post on this blog—Microdermabrasion Part II—I will describe the results of this experiment with a high-profile new treatment.


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Discounted Spa Treatments

Dorit Baxter Day Spa is always about discounted treatments, and these are especially appreciated at budget-conscious times like now

Budgeting Beauty & WellnessFriends having a refreshment after a spa treatment

There are times of the year when New Yorkers, like everyone else, are more budget-conscious than usual, and the weeks leading up to tax filing deadline is one of those times. That’s why the high-quality treatments at bargain prices in a friendly environment that Dorit has been offering since 1980 are particularly welcome in early April.

We’re Famous for Affordable Prices

Our discounts are unusual because they are bargains on what is already a strikingly low price. When our day spa was celebrating twenty years at its present location on Manhattan’s glamorous West 57th Street, Dorit was featured in a New York Times Profile focusing on our affordable prices for a clientele of hard-working middle-class New Yorkers.

Dorit Baxter’s Budget-Pleasing Packages

Our Spa Packages bundle together spa treatments and offer them at a price considerably lower than the sum of the individual services comprising the package. Since our prices for every treatment are already a bargain, our packages are actually discounted bargains.

Seasonal Spa Specials

Dorit Baxter’s Spring Spruce Up meets your basic beauty & grooming requirements for less than 100 dollars, and our Spring Beautifier meets your essential beauty & wellness needs at a significant price reduction.

Tax-Time Tweets on Sweet Deals

Check out our daily tweets announcing sweet deals on treatments for which time slots are available, so you can soothe nerves jangled by tax forms by calling us for a same-day appointment, an impulse buy that’s as smart as it’s sudden.

See you soon at our Day Spa in midtown Manhattan where frugality meets indulgence

Dorit & Staff

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Maximize Our Spa’s Spring Specials

Suggestions for the savvy consumer of spa services on how to maximize Dorit Baxter’s Spring Specials to suit your beauty and wellness needs

Black businesswoman on the phoneSavvy Consumers of Spa Services

Spa-goers who are savvy consumers of spa services are always on the lookout for a bargain. Our New York Day Spa offers an extensive choice of permanent spa packages which, as any spa aficionado will tell you, are generous discounts on Dorit Baxter’s already unusually low prices. Along with our extensive set of permanent packages, we offer seasonal specials and are now featuring our Spring Specials. We invite you to enjoy them, and to be spa-smart in maximizing their usefulness to you.

Our Specials Meet Your Springtime Needs

Figure out what your beauty, wellness, and grooming needs are going to be this spring and fit our seasonally discounted packages to your preferences and budget. Keep in mind that our Spring Spruce Up meets your basic beauty & grooming requirements with a facial, manicure and pedicure all for under a 100 dollars, and our Spring Beautifier meets your beauty needs with our signature Classic European Facial, and your wellness needs with our One-Hour Body Massage as well as our original Sea Salt Body Scrub, all at a significant saving

Combining Spa-Going & Socializing

Savvy spa-goers with tight schedules know that they can happily combine a spa visit with time to socialize, so tell a friend or friends, about this season’s specials at Dorit Baxter Day Spa in the middle of Manhattan and come in together, or give a friend a gift of one of Spring Specials and make your appointments for the same time period.

See you this spring at our Spa on Midtown’s marvelous West 57th Street

Dorit & Staff

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Spring Specials

Dorit Baxter Spring Specials provide two discounted spa packages that will beautify your body and stir your spirit for the season of renewal

Springtime at Our Spa

SpringSpecialCategoryThe seasonal picture on the home page of our Web site perfectly depicts the spring experience at our New York Day Spa only a block from Central park, so that you can savor the fragrant sweetness of seasonal blossoms on your way to and from enjoying one of Dorit Baxter’s Spring Specials.

Spruce Up for Spring

The essentials of sprucing up for spring are yours for under $100 with Dorit Baxter’s discounted spa package Spring Spruce-Up consisting of the following treatments:

–Dorit Baxter’s signature skin-care treatment, the Classic European Facial will soften skin roughened by the harshly cold winds of the previous season and perform a thorough and skillfully gentle facial cleansing to restore the youthful sheen of your visage in the time of nature’s annual restoration.

–Our spa’s Manicure will complete your well-groomed appearance and apply to your nails a polish that goes with the zest of springtime

–Your Spring Spruce-Up includes a Pedicure to prep you for the season when your footwear will show off your toes and in the process give a sensory treat to those nerve endings on the soles of your feet.

Beautify for Spring

Dorit Baxter’s Spring Beautifier provides a pampering trio of our most popular treatments for $185 (a savings of $48) comprising the Classic European Facial described above, plus our One-Hour Body Massage to get the blood following through your body like the sap in springtime’s woodlands and our Sea Salt Body Scrub that exfoliates the skin while inducing in you a euphoric feeling much like spring itself.

Spring into spring with us on West 57th Street

Dorit & Staff

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