Early Spring Time at Dorit Baxter

The early spring as winter loses its grip on the weather and in our moods to make way for the season of renewal, the homepage of our Midtown Spa’s Web Site indicates the enthusiasm which one of America’s first day spas swings into spring.

Extraction Facial

Marie Claire raves about a specialized Dorit Baxter facial which focuses on a deep cleansing. Our Deep Cleansing Facial with Herbal Pack prepares your skin for spring with serious extractions for a seasonal glow. The herbal pack constitutes a softening agent which readies the skin for deep extractions performed by our expert skin care specialists. Discomfort is minimized all the way to a completely cleansed face.

Beautiful young woman lying relaxed in a spa salonSpring Specials

In subsequent blog posts, we will describe the four Spring Specials in detail. For now, we will simply say that these packages of spa treatments are designed to beautify the body and enhance an overall feeling of wellness in tune with the season of budding and blooming, of warmer weather and happier feelings.

Couples Massage Lesson

An all-year-round popular treatment, our spa’s Couples Massage Lesson resonates with loving duos for varied reasons in different seasons. In the season of renewal, romantic pairs see in nature’s exuberance a reflection of their feelings for each other. At Dorit Baxter those feelings find expression in a session of mutual massage lessons.

Swing into spring at Dorit Baxter Day Spa in the heart of midtown Manhattan where we are waiting to usher you into the sweet season of renewal.

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Deep Cleansing Facial

Marie Claire Magazine Praises Dorit Baxter

Deep-Cleansing Facial with Herbal Pack

facialOur spa was gratified by a recent feature in Marie Claire by beauty editor Lauren Valenti who writes “Since extractions are a decidedly delicate matter, I did my homework and ended up in the most capable of hands: Yaffa Rabe, a master esthetician and skin specialist at Dorit Baxter Day Spa, who firmly believes that extractions are the secret to a glowing complexion, but only if they’re performed by a professional.”

Skin Softener

The secret to a successful deep-cleansing facial, one which accomplishes the maximum number of extractions with minimal discomfort, is to optimally soften the skin prior to the extraction. In all Dorit Baxter Facials, except for the Deep-Cleanser, steaming is the primary means of softening the skin.

Herbal Elixer

In our Deep-Cleansing Facial, the Dorit Baxter Herbal Pack is the primary softening agent. Valenti describes our spa’s herbal pack as an “elixer made of chamomile, lavender, and flax seeds, which work together to calm the skin, withdraw oil, and remove dead layers of skin without exfoliation or harsh ingredients.”

Heated Fragrance

These specialized herbs are melded and melted in our kitchen and placed in a gauze pouch the size of a large teabag. The freshly heated and fragrant pack covers the face and its softening effects prepare the skin for extraction.

Sealing Steamer

In our deep-cleansing facial, the steaming process functions to seal into the skin the softening effects of the herbal pack, making the skin optimally receptive to the extraction process, best performed by the gloved fingers of one of our highly skilled estheticians using soft tissues instead of a metal tool.

Spring Cleaning

We look forward to welcoming you to our spa in midtown Manhattan this spring for the Deep Cleansing Facial so appreciated by Marie Claire.

Dorit & Staff

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It’s Always Couples’ Time at Dorit Baxter

Because Valentine’s Day is in the exact middle of February, the whole month is often promoted as Couples’ Month. At Dorit Baxter, after meeting the aesthetics and wellness needs of discerning New Yorkers and visitors to our city for the past three-and-a-half decades, we have become accustomed to seeing couples coming to the spa together in ever-increasing numbers. Here’s why:

massagelessonShare the Learning

Romantic duos are drawn to our Massage Lesson for Couples because learning together how to have a healing touch on the person you most care about can be a meaningful bonding experience for both of you.

Share the Healing

When two people who love each other have a Couples Massage they are happily sharing the healing experience of being given a massage by an expert therapist. Solo, massage is a restorative experience; sharing it with a life’s partner enhances the healing.

Share the Package

Couples who share our spa’s Couple’s Package enjoy our most popular treatments, including the Couple’s Massage described above.

Share the Experience

Some of our clients who have brought their husbands in for one of the treatments described above get into the habit of coming into the spa as a couple for entirely separate treatments simply because sharing the spa-going experience adds another dimension to the activities in which they include each other. Spa-going is about feeling better and looking better, so why not come into the spa together, and after the treatments enjoy some dining and wining with each other?

We are waiting to welcome couples at our spa conveniently situated in Midtown Manhattan and long known for the coziness of its atmosphere, excellence of its treatments, and affordability of its prices,

Dorit & the Spa Staff

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Dramatic Discounts Make for February Fun at Dorit Baxter

Dorit Baxter Day Spa, located at the core of midtown Manhattan, is full of fun during this latter part of February, as the fickle weather keeps segueing from freezing to sunny.

Late February Spa Packagevalentinegirl

Our day spa’s deeply discounted February-Fun Package consists of a One-Hour Body Massage Plus a choice between our Classic European Facial or a Manicure and a Pedicure. Let’s take a look at the contents of this package to see if we can find the fun in each treatment.

Where Wellness Meets Pampering

Starting with the post-holiday blues and going right through a Valentine’s Weekend of almost record-breaking cold, you deserve to feel better while being pampered, which is just what Dorit Baxter’s wonderfully therapeutic One-Hour Body Massage will do for you.


Be Pampered All the Way to Rejuvenation

Our Spa’s signature Classic European Facial will hydrate your winter-ravaged visage, thus softening your skin and changing a face made ruddy by the wind into one that wears a warm glow of derma health.


Choose a Grooming and Pampering Experience

At our Midtown Nail Salon, expert grooming procedures are performed with a pampering touch, from a Manicure that polishes the tips of your fingers to a Pedicure that prettifies your toes while making your soles feel like velvet.

Remember, this month is the shortest of the year; so before these now-visibly lengthening days fly by you, be sure to have some February Fun at our Midtown spa.

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Valentine’s Weekend at Dorit Baxter

With Valentine’s Day a Saturday this year and the following Monday President’s Day, at our midtown spa the three-day weekend is being called Valentine’s Weekend. Here what you can expect from us over three festive days in the middle of February.

Healing, Tender Touch

Learn how to bring a healing touch to the one you love with our Massage Lesson for Couples, one of our spa’s most popular treatments because it teaches a loving pair how to give each other the gift of a caring, healing, and tender touch

Share a Massage Experiencecouplesmassagejason

Dorit Baxter’s Couples Massage gives the two of you the opportunity to simultaneously experience the delight of a pampering, soothing, and ultimately energizing therapeutic massage.

Massage and Facial

The Dorit Baxter Couples Special, consisting of a shared massage experience and our Classic European Facial for each of you, is a lovely way to say Be My Valentine.

Couples Spa Package

We have bundled up the best of our aesthetics & wellness treatments into a lavishly pampering package we call the Couples Package which will be a celebration of the very special connection that is yours to treasure and nurture.

Festive February

For any woman wanting a Beauty & Wellness experience in the middle of a wintry month, our February Fun brings you the best of both with a One Hour Body Massage plus a Classic European Facial OR a Manicure And a Pedicure

Looking forward to providing our reasonably priced and sumptuously pampering services for you on Valentine’s Weekend 2015 at our spa in the heart of Midtown Manhattan

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