Monetary Value Spa Gifts

Why Buy Dorit Baxter Monetary Value Spa Gifts?

Dorit Baxter Day Spa in midtown Manhattan offers two basic choices in holiday gift certificates—Packages of Spa Treatments and Monetary Value Gifts. Which is right for you to purchase?

Personalized Gifts

A gift of spa packages, whether chosen from among our three Holiday Spa Packages or from among any of our extensive selection of Spa Packages, is a personalized gift because the package is chosen with the preferences of a specific recipient in mind. These more personalized gift certificates are most often purchased for a friend or relative familiar with each recipient’s preferences.

Monetary Value Giftsgiftcertificate

A gift of Monetary Value Spa Gifts is one in which the purchaser can pick a dollar value, ranging from $25 to $550. Recipients of monetary value gifts can decide on their own which of our array of treatments they wish to experience. These less personalized gift certificates are frequently purchased by business owners buying gifts for their staffs, with length of service determining monetary value.

Spa Facilitates Receipt of a Monetary Value Gift

These are the ways in which our spa makes it easier for recipients of monetary value gifts to make their choices:

  • Enclosed in the envelope from the spa containing the gift certificate is our brochure so that the recipient can see the price of each of our treatments
  • Our desk staff will be happy to assist any recipient of a monetary value gift who calls for advice to put together a package of our treatment to match the recipient’s preferences to appropriately priced treatments
  • Dorit Baxter Spa Web Site lists, describes, and prices each of our broad array of treatments and packages of treatments

 Happy Holidays from Dorit Baxter & Spa Staff

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Why Buy Dorit Baxter Holiday Spa Deals

giftWelcome to the Holidays at Dorit Baxter Day Spa. Below are some of the reasons why you will want to buy our Holiday Spa Deals

  • Our spa’s location is at the heart of Midtown Manhattan, where Uptown meets Downtown, East Side greets West Side, in the immediate vicinity of Bergdorf’s and Tiffany’s, Carnegie Hall and the Russian Tea Room, only a few blocks from Central Park or the theater district
  • Dorit’s track record for offering quality services at affordable prices in an affable atmosphere, acquired over 35 years of providing midtown beauty & wellness services, 25 of those years at her spa’s present venue
  • Dorit’s Holiday Deals offer at a wide range of prices to fit every shopper’s budget, with each holiday package providing a carefully selected set of treatments for an enjoyable and highly beneficial spa experience
  • You can use our holiday spa deals for yourself as well as for those on your holiday shopping list. You deserve a real spa deal as much as anyone, so you can purchase the packages offered in our holiday gift certificates to enjoy when you most need a spa break from the stresses of daily life.
  • You can choose from among our three Holiday Spa Gift Certificates—Holiday Trio Treat, Holiday Bliss, Holiday Deluxe Treat—or you can call us and ask about purchasing a gift certificate for a monetary value. The choice, as always at Dorit Baxter, is yours.

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Body Wraps thru Nov 23

Body Wraps for Beauty & Bliss with a 50% discount this week at Dorit Baxter Day Spa

As the weather now spells winter and the holidays are just around the calendar’s corner, this is the time to enjoy the benefits of a warming and beautifying body wrap. We are offering a choice of four popular body wraps at half-price through Sunday, Nov. 23rd.

The Boostermummy

We call our Seaweed Wrap “The booster,” because it advances a diet & exercise regimen. This powerful wrap (not advisable during a pregnancy) detoxifies, tones, and tightens the body, thus augmenting a vigorous fitness program.

The Blender

The Herbal Body Wrap blends herbal and botanical essences into a pampering and gentle spa experience, cleansing the skin of impurities while balancing emotions. This skin-smoothing, mind-soothing, mood-enhancing treatment elicits an overall sensation of serenity.

The Buster

Sweat out the bloat with a Slimming Wrap. You will be very tightly wrapped in bandages soaked in a formula of herbs and minerals, which is then sealed into your body with a hot thermal blanket. This intense process is not about pampering, and not recommended for the pregnant. Those prepared for this extreme slimmer will experience a bloat-busting process in one potent session.

The Brusher

Our Full Body Paraffin Treatment begins with melted Vitamin E oil being brushed onto the body in a gentle but profound hydration process followed by a wrap in a thermal blanket so that the oil’s hydrating properties seep into the body.

We look forward to welcoming you to our spa, conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, for a 50% discount on beautifying and wellness-oriented Body Wraps, Valid thru Sunday November 23rd, 2014

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Q&A with Dorit—Face Change: Renee Zellweger’s Extreme Cosmetic Surgery

The editor of this blog does a Q&A with Dorit Baxter about the Zellweger plastic surgery from the perspective of a skincare specialist who has owned a Beauty & Wellness venue in midtown Manhattan for the past 34 years

Q: Did you read Zellweger’s remarks to People Magazine about the public’s response to her new look?

A: Yes, I did. Essentially, she was saying that she is happy with how she looks now and defined public interest in her appearance as “silly.” Of course, we all have the right to choose a look and strive to achieve it, but I would not call the public’s reaction to the change in Ms. Zellweger’s face as silly; most of us found the alteration to be disturbing.

redbackground1Q:Why disturbing?

A: Because what we were seeing was a human face surgically altered beyond recognition, not in a reconstructive procedure after a trauma to the face, but via cosmetic surgery. We are asking ourselves whether this is the direction in which plastic surgery is going. Will women in the near future get a new face, not a facial rejuvenation, but an entirely different face, every decade, or even every few years?

Q: Would that be so terrible?

A: The face is an essential part of our identity, our individuality. Extreme cosmetic surgery could be a game changer for human identity as well as a face changer for individuals who opt for these procedures.

Q: So that is why Zwellweger’s plastic surgery touched such a public nerve?

A: I think so. I also believe that many women felt betrayed by her face change because Renee Zwellweger represented a movie star who looked like a real woman, with her round cheeks and endearing smile, and we are asking ourselves: “Oh, Bridget Jones, where did you go?”

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$99 choices thru Nov 16

Ninety-Nine Dollar deals offer a facial plus choices of additional Dorit Baxter services thru Sunday November 16th

Our current Weekly Spa Promo is offering Dorit Baxter’s signature skincare treatment: Classic European Facial—encompassing all essential steps for beautifying and balancing every type of skin—plus a choice of additional spa services, both options under a hundred dollars!

Facial Plus Popular Body Treatmentfacial (2)

Our Facial will pamper, cleanse, moisturize and balance your skin while Dorit Baxter’s signature body treatment, our Sea Salt Scrub will do for your body what our facial does for your visage: remove toxins and impurities, soften and rejuvenate, while the Scrub also elicits a blissful mood.


Facial Plus Complete Nail Care

After rejuvenating your face, you can receive a complete nail grooming with our pampering and polishing Manicure and Pedicure. The result is a glowing face and exquisitely groomed nails.

How to Choose from the Plus Options

If you want to rejuvenate your body as well as your face and be pampered all the way to euphoria, you will opt for the Facial plus Sea Salt Body Scrub; if you want the nails on your fingers and toes cleaned, clipped, shaped, and polished, you will choose the Facial Plus Manicure & Pedicure. The choice is yours; make it based on your preferences and beauty needs this week.

We look forward to welcoming you to our spa, conveniently located in midtown Manhattan for $99 Spa Services Valid thru Sunday November 16th

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