Spa Promo thru 9-21

Dorit Baxter’s current spa promo offers a facial plus a choice among other spa treatments thru Sept 21

Our midtown’s spa’s current Spa Promo is our Classic European Facial plus a one-hour body massage or a manicure and a pedicure, which is valid through Sunday Sept 21.

summerspecials2014Weekly Spa Promo

Every week, running from Monday through the following Sunday, our day spa in the heart of Manhattan offers a spa promo of treatment(s) at prices which are discounted from our already uniquely low prices for the highest quality treatments in Midtown.

Our Offer, Your Choice

This week we are offering you our signature European Facial, the classic aesthetic treatment that cleanses, purifies, and hydrates the skin in a delightfully pampering experience. Along with the facial, you can choose an hour’s body massage or a manicure and a pedicure. The choice is yours depending on your preference this week.

If your muscles say “massage”, go with it; or, if your nails are telling you that they need some attention, then that’s your choice.

Timely Nail Care

These last days of the sweet sliver of time, after Labor Day and before the official start of autumn, is the perfect time to think about a change in the color that tips your fingers and your nails. Dorit Baxter’s popular Nail Salon, where New Yorkers will always find the latest colors and shades from Essie fast-drying polish, is just the place to rethink your color, or to stay with what you now have.

If you opted for a dramatic color on your toenails in the season of sand and sandals, you may want to go calmer for fall, or not. Do you want your fingernails to have the same color as your toenails, or have complimentary rather than matching shades? As always at Dorit Baxter, the choice is yours.

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Eclectic Massage

Eclectic Massage—how, why, and for whom it works

Eclectic Massage is a form of bodywork that utilizes varied modalities of touch therapy. At our midtown spa, we offer an original blend of massage techniques including Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, and Foot Eclectic MassageReflexology.

How It Works

Dorit Baxter’s Eclectic Massage provides the gliding and kneading strokes of Swedish massage, which effectively break up muscle knots; the use of pressure points and compressions of Shiatsu treatments; the focus on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia of Deep Tissue bodywork; and the application of pressure to the soles of the feet with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques of Foot Reflexology.

Why It Works

The effect of the blend is synergetic: the combined effect of the different techniques in a single session is greater than the sum of all of them.

For Whom It Works

There is no one for whom an Eclectic Massage is unadvisable, so in this sense it works for everyone. Those familiar with each massage modality utilized in the treatment are eager to benefit from our blend of touch therapies. Others, who are less familiar with Massage Therapy, think of the eclectic treatment as a sampler of the many bodywork choices available to them at Dorit Baxter.

Come into our spa in the heart of Manhattan and enjoy our affordable prices, affable ambience, and a wide choice of high-quality massage therapies, including our original blended treatment.

Dorit Baxter & Staff

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Facial & Massage $118

The second week of September is beautifying and healthful at Dorit Baxter with our current promo—a duo of essential treatments

At our midtown respite from urban pressures, Dorit Baxter is offering a New York Weekly Promo thru Sept 14: a pair of treatments—Facial & Massage—comprising the crux of this day spa’s sweet blend of Aesthetics & Wellness services.

facial (2)Beautifying Facial

Dorit Baxter’s Classic European Facial is a beautifying treatment, which is also an exquisitely pampering experience, in the course of which the derma’s surface is cleansed, the pores are purified, and the face is deeply hydrated. The result is delightfully relaxing and definitively rejuvenating. To be simultaneously pampered and beautified is an experience that will lift the spirits as it moistens and softens the face.

Healthful Massage

For the massage part of our spa essentials duo, you are invited to select from among the three basic modalities of therapeutic —Swedish, Eclectic, and Deep Tissue. Swedish Massage consists of long, relaxing strokes which increase blood circulation and thus enhance body energy.  Eclectic Massage is an original blend of massage techniques developed at Dorit Baxter for those clients who like to benefit from varied methods of massage in one session. Deep Tissue Massage provides a powerful touch therapy for dissolving muscle knots and dramatically improving circulation.

We look forward to providing you with the current Spa Promo at our convenient location in the heart of Manhattan. Call us now to book your European Facial & Massage Therapy offered together for only $118 thru September 14.

Dorit Baxter & the Spa’s Aestheticians

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$99 Facial & Bodyscrub

Segue into September this week at Dorit Baxter with a $99 Weekly Spa Promo to prime your skin for its post-summer appearance

This week is the optimal time to repair your skin from the damaging effects of exposure to sun, wind, and salt water. To accommodate your seasonal beauty needs, our spa in the heart of Manhattan is offering thru Sept 7 a $99 Head to Toe Skin Care package of vital treatments.

Rejuvenating Facial

Dorit Baxter’s Classic European Facial will hydrate your skin after the drying-out effects of sun exposure. From cleansing the surface of the face with our nutrient-rich cream, to steaming the skin in preparation for gentle extractions, to the application of a powerfully hydrating masque, our signature facial will soothe and smooth your face until it is dewy fresh to see and satiny soft to touch.

Reviving Scrub

In our Sea Salt Body Scrub a gentle paste, comprised of mineral-rich salts mixed with aromatic oils, is massaged into the entire body to exfoliate dead skin and create a blissful feeling, which will mellow you out as you start to bid a fond farewell to the departing summer.

We look forward to providing you with the $99 Skin-Repair Package at our conveniently located midtown spa. The price is so right, and the treatments so essential, that you will want to give us a call now to book our Facial & Body Scrub offered through Sept 7.

Dorit Baxter & the Spa’s Aestheticians

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Last Days of August at Dorit Baxter

End the last full month of summer on an upbeat note at Dorit Baxter Day Spa where we are featuring a Beautifying Spa Package at a uniquely low price, and also a real deal for friends sharing the spa experience

Make the most of these last precious days of August with one, or both, of Dorit’s Baxter’s quality treatments at bargain prices.

FacialTrio of Spa Treatments

Our Weekly Spa Promo is now a beautifying and pampering package of spa treatments consisting of our spa’s signature Facial, a Dorit Baxter Manicure, and our Manhattan spa’s Pedicure, all for $99.  The Facial will hydrate your face after summer’s sun exposure. The Manicure will pamper and soften your hands and fingers, and groom your nails for the post-summer season. The Pedicure will treat your feet to a thorough grooming after a season of walking in sandals and bare feet, and groom your nails to perfection.

Not too Late for Friendship Month

It’s not too late to come into the spa with a friend and enjoy our annual Friendship Month, offered every August, in which you bring a friend to the spa and her treatments are offered at half price. You can pay for both of you, or split the bill. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call a friend, invite her to come to our spa with you, and then call us and see if we can fit you in by Sunday. Dorit Baxter is always as accommodating as is possible when it comes to appointment requests.

See you at our conveniently located midtown spa for a $99 trio of beautifying treatments valid thru Sunday August 31, and you can also enjoy the benefits of our Friendship Month paying tribute to friendship thru the last day of the month.

Dorit Baxter & the Spa Staff

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