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April may be the cruelest month in poetry, but at Dorit Baxter Day Spa it’s the kindest with discounts galore. Which is right for you?

massagelessonLove Lesson for Couples

Love is always in season, and never more than in the springtime. A loving touch is essential for expressing tender feelings. Our midtown spa’s Massage Lesson for Couples teaches how to treat one another to a healing touch. For under $150, this lesson from an expert massage therapist is too good a deal not to take it for the two of you.

We Keep It Deep & Sweet

Find out why Marie Claire raves about Dorit Baxter’s Deep-Cleansing Facial with Herbal Pack. Offered right now for only $98, this thorough facial cleansing goes deep enough to rid the face of every impurity, but is surrounded by such exquisite pampering pre-and- post-extraction that the whole experience is sweetly nurturing.

Beauty Basics for Under $100

If your budget is just now not so fine, but your skin needs a shine, Our Beautifying Duo covers the basics for under $100 with our signature facial treatment, the Classic European Facial; and our signature body treatment, a Sea-Salt Body Scrub, so that you shimmer from top-to-toe.

Give Your Body a Double Treat

Is your body demanding some TLC? Come into our midtown spa and give it a double treat with our Delightful Retreat consisting of our signature One-Hour Therapeutic Massage and a Sea Salt Scrub, for under $130.

Luxurious Indulgence at an Affordable Price

Go for it with our Bare Skin Beautifier: Massage, Facial, and Body Scrub for only $185, a uniquely low price for this trio of pure indulgences in Midtown Manhattan.

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Midtown Spa’s Spring Special

Midtown Spa’s Spring Specials: Low in Price, High in Quality

Dorit Baxter Spa’s Spring Specials are packages of sumptuously pampering and wellness inducing treatments at the generously discounted prices for which this Midtown Manhattan venue has long been known

Facial Cleansing & Body Scrub

For under a hundred dollars, a springtime skin-purifying treat from head to toe is yours with our Beautifying Duo: Dorit Baxter’s signature Classic European Facial, encompassing all the essential steps for balancing and beautifying every skin type: plus our signature body treatment, the Sea Salt Body Scrub which gently exfoliates your skin while elevating your mood all the way Euphoria. This steeply discounted package is available Mondays thru Thursdays.

Body Massage & Body Scrubshiatsu

Board the Euphoria Express in Midtown Manhattan when you enjoy the package we call a Delightful Retreat. Available 7 days a week for only $129, this combination of a Body Massage and a Sea Salt Scrub, both of which will soothe and energize you to a state that can only be described as euphoric, is the ultimate in renewal.

Massage, Facial & Body Scrub

Save almost $50 with our Bare Skin Beautifier, consisting of Dorit Baxter’s three signature treatments: One-Hour Body Massage, Classic European Facial, and Sea Salt Body Scrub. Available 7 days a week, this package provides everything you to need to experience the spirit of springtime in New York.

Wedding Prep: Beautifying the Bride

As bridal season approaches, we are proud to be offering 7 days a week our Bridal Beautifier package of treatments at only $189, a package that includes our One-Hour Body Massage, plus a Sea Salt Body Scrub, with the addition of our two basic grooming & pampering treatments: Dorit Baxter’s ever-popular Manicure & Pedicure.

We are all looking forward to providing you with our midtown spa’s select packages of treatments in tune with the soft beauty of springtime in the center of this most fabulous of all the world’s cities

Dorit & Staff

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$50 Treatments Available this Week at Dorit Baxter

This week (from Monday April 6th thru Friday April 10th) Dorit Baxter is offering at her spa in mid-town Manhattan three seasonal beautifying treatments for only $50 each.

Acquire a Youthful Spring-time Glow

Let Dorit Baxter’s signature Classic European Facial give your face a seasonal glow. From a facial massage to soften the skin, to a soothing steaming process that prepares the face for the deep cleansing that is essential for looking your best, to a mask that refines skin texture, your face is pampered and purified to perfection.

Purify Your Body for the Season of Renewal

Our Sea Salt Body Scrub will cleanse and purify your body through a thorough but gentle exfoliating process that will take your spirit all the way to euphoria while soothing, smoothing and softening your skin.

Buff-Up for the Budding Season

The following three beautifying services are offered together for the astonishingly affordable cost of only $50!

Manicure to give you the polished look that says “Midtown Manhattan”

Pedicure to pamper & prettify your feet, and flatter your toenails

Warm-Hand Paraffin to soothe and soften, moisturize and rejuvenate, your hands

Our Services, Your Choices

You don’t have to choose among the three $50 specials described above. You can opt for each of them on the same day, or over two, or three days, or simply pick one. The choice is yours; the pleasure of providing you with your choice(s) is ours.

We  look forward to greeting your this week of superbly discounted treatments at our midtown spa,

Dorit & Staff

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Midtown Spa Spring Savings

This spring, as at every time of the year, Dorit Baxter Day Spa abounds in bargains because budget-friendly treatments are part of the trio we have promised, and delivered, to spa-going New Yorkers for the past three-and-a-half decades: Superior Services at Affordable Prices in an Amicable Atmosphere.

Double Discounts at Dorit’s

Every discount at Dorit Baxter is a double discount because our regularly priced treatments have always been exceptionally reasonable for a spa in the core of Manhattan. Therefore, when you avail yourself of our discounted services, the price that is being discounted is already a savings.

Seasonal Spa PackagesSpringSpecialCategory

Our Spring Specials consist of the following packages of popular treatments:

Beautifying Duo comprising our two signature skincare services: Classic European Facial and Sea Salt Body Scrub.

Delightful Retreat offering both the Body Scrub and our signature One-Hour Body Massage.

Bare Skin Beautifier, consisting of our signature facial, body massage, and body scrub

Bridal Beautifier providing the bride with a massage, body scrub, manicure and pedicure

Dorit’s Midweek Surprises

Occasionally our spa offers midweek deeply discounted and widely popular treatments. We mail notices of these impromptu delights to our mailing list, and also post them on our homepage with the title $50 Treatments. If you are not on our mailing list, simply call the spa at 212 371-4542 and ask to be added to our list. If you are mailing-list adverse, be sure to check out Web site on a regular basis so as not to miss one of Dorit’s Midweek Surprises

We are waiting to welcome you to our spa this season where the prices are as reasonable as the services are excellent and the atmosphere is friendly,

Dorit & Staff

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Early Spring Time at Dorit Baxter

The early spring as winter loses its grip on the weather and in our moods to make way for the season of renewal, the homepage of our Midtown Spa’s Web Site indicates the enthusiasm which one of America’s first day spas swings into spring.

Extraction Facial

Marie Claire raves about a specialized Dorit Baxter facial which focuses on a deep cleansing. Our Deep Cleansing Facial with Herbal Pack prepares your skin for spring with serious extractions for a seasonal glow. The herbal pack constitutes a softening agent which readies the skin for deep extractions performed by our expert skin care specialists. Discomfort is minimized all the way to a completely cleansed face.

Beautiful young woman lying relaxed in a spa salonSpring Specials

In subsequent blog posts, we will describe the four Spring Specials in detail. For now, we will simply say that these packages of spa treatments are designed to beautify the body and enhance an overall feeling of wellness in tune with the season of budding and blooming, of warmer weather and happier feelings.

Couples Massage Lesson

An all-year-round popular treatment, our spa’s Couples Massage Lesson resonates with loving duos for varied reasons in different seasons. In the season of renewal, romantic pairs see in nature’s exuberance a reflection of their feelings for each other. At Dorit Baxter those feelings find expression in a session of mutual massage lessons.

Swing into spring at Dorit Baxter Day Spa in the heart of midtown Manhattan where we are waiting to usher you into the sweet season of renewal.

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