Cold Weather Skin Hydration at Dorit Baxter

Cold Weather Skin Hydration for the Face at Dorit Baxter Day Spa

This week you will find at our spa a trio of dramatically discounted Cold Weather Hydration treatments.facehydration

Throughout the winter, you will find a variety of Cold Weather Hydrating treatments for both the face and the body to repair the damage done to the derma by cold weather and harsh winds.

Keep in mind that any visit you make to Dorit Baxter is a budget-wise choice, because our treatments provide the highest quality at the lowest prices for an established spa in midtown Manhattan—and this has been true for the past 35 years!

Basic Hydrating Facial

Any facial at our spa is a hydrating experience, beginning with our signature Classic European Facial with its highly moisturizing mask a powerful agent of hydration.

Specialized Hydrating Facials

Hydrate sensitive skin with Dorit’s Derma Lift featuring a mask made of melted vitamin E and Azulene designed to both heal and moisturize sensitive skin.

Hydrate mature skin with our Oxygen Facial featuring a deeply rejuvenating oxygen spray

Hydrate particularly dry skin with our Super Collagen Facial featuring a potent mask made from the fiber of collagen, the primary component of connective tissue. The collagen fiber mask is a highly efficient means of hydrating dry skin.

We are inviting you to step out of the cold on West 57th Street and into a hydrating respite from the rigors of the city in winter at our welcoming spa

Dorit & Staff

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Winter Specials at Dorit Baxter

Winter Specials at Dorit Baxter Pamper the Body and Warm the Spirit

You will find a welcome respite from the blues and blahs of deepest winter at our haven of serenity and comfort in the center of midtown Manhattan when you choose one of the three spa packages designed to bring beauty and wellness to this blustery season

Pair of Beautifiers

Dorit’s Classic European Facial combines with our original Sea Salt Body Scrub to detoxify the skin, pamper the face and induce in your limbs and your mood a euphoric feeling. This beautifying and wellness-promoting pair of treatments we call the Beautifying Duo is yours for under $100!

beatingthewinterbluesCatYour Happy Choice, Our Low Price

You will savor the process we call Beating the Winter Blues which has the blood flowing through your muscles with our spa’s ever-popular One-Hour Body Massage and then beautify yourself with a choice of a Classic European Facial OR a Manicure AND a Pedicure. The choice is yours and the price is so right at only $128

Bare Skin Beautifier

Our deluxe trio of treatments called the Bare Skin Beautifier will remove impurities from your skin and give it a glow of health and energy. This combo of Massage, Facial, and Sea Salt Scrub is yours for the generously discounted price of $185.

Looking forward to seeing you frequently this winter so that we can help take the sting from the season and replace it with warm and cozy feelings.

Dorit & Staff

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Protecting Children from the Rush to Adulthood

Dorit Baxter Day Spa Advocates Protecting Children from the Rush to Adulthood

When an article appeared recently in the New York Times about spa-going girls as young as seven, Dorit Baxter felt compelled to add her voice to the hundreds of comments deploring the practice of encouraging parents to plan spa visits for children with the following statement:

I am the owner of a day spa in midtown Manhattan which does not offer treatments to children under the age of twelve. For teenagers under sixteen, we only provide procedures to modify skin problems and excess body hair. We applaud previous comments deploring the rush to adulthood

One of Dorit’s intentions in writing this comment was to urge her fellow-spa-owners to set an age limits policy so that little girls aren’t having beauty days instead of play days.

Close up view of happy cute kids with leaves bunchAt Dorit Baxter, we believe that it is socially irresponsible for spas to market to children treatments that they don’t need, and which are contributing to the overall societal trend of rushing them to adulthood for commercial purposes.

Our spa considers itself part of that facet of the Aesthetics & Wellness community encouraging our patrons to look and feel their best, while mitigating the influences on our clientele that make so many women feel unhappy about their appearance, and obsessive about the natural signs of aging.

In this spirit, we know that the only way we here at one of America’s original day spas can be of help to children is to keep them away from the spa. And that’s what we will continue to do.

Yours in celebration of childhood,
Dorit Baxter & Staff

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Dorit Baxter Celebrations

An Anniversary Celebration at Dorit Baxter Day Spa

Dorit Baxter

Dorit Baxter

This December marks the 25th anniversary of the opening of our spa at its present location.

One of America’s First Day Spas

Prior to December of 1989, Dorit had owned since 1980 an innovative Beauty & Wellness boutique in Midtown East. Motivated by the desire to bring to the hardworking New York career women who have always been her clients the ultimate in relaxation, Dorit opened one of the first day spas in America at her present location in the core of midtown Manhattan.

Multicultural Practices & Products

From the beginning, Dorit’s sensitivity to the needs of different skin types and the spa’s aura of friendly inclusivity attracted a highly diverse clientele, a multiculturalism also reflected in the line of skincare products used and sold at the spa.

Recognition from New York Times

Five years ago this week, at the end of the worst business year in the U.S. since the 1930s, the New York Times wrote a feature story about Dorit Baxter Day Spa, in tribute to the durability of a small business with a loyal clientele who appreciate quality services at modest prices in a welcoming atmosphere.

Past the Quarter-Century Mark

Now that one of the original American day spas has marked a quarter century in Midtown Manhattan, we are looking forward to continuing to provide our clients with a tried-and-true blend of quality, affordability and affability.

We look forward to seeing you at our spa in the New Year

Dorit & Staff

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Monetary Value Spa Gifts

Why Buy Dorit Baxter Monetary Value Spa Gifts?

Dorit Baxter Day Spa in midtown Manhattan offers two basic choices in holiday gift certificates—Packages of Spa Treatments and Monetary Value Gifts. Which is right for you to purchase?

Personalized Gifts

A gift of spa packages, whether chosen from among our three Holiday Spa Packages or from among any of our extensive selection of Spa Packages, is a personalized gift because the package is chosen with the preferences of a specific recipient in mind. These more personalized gift certificates are most often purchased for a friend or relative familiar with each recipient’s preferences.

Monetary Value Giftsgiftcertificate

A gift of Monetary Value Spa Gifts is one in which the purchaser can pick a dollar value, ranging from $25 to $550. Recipients of monetary value gifts can decide on their own which of our array of treatments they wish to experience. These less personalized gift certificates are frequently purchased by business owners buying gifts for their staffs, with length of service determining monetary value.

Spa Facilitates Receipt of a Monetary Value Gift

These are the ways in which our spa makes it easier for recipients of monetary value gifts to make their choices:

  • Enclosed in the envelope from the spa containing the gift certificate is our brochure so that the recipient can see the price of each of our treatments
  • Our desk staff will be happy to assist any recipient of a monetary value gift who calls for advice to put together a package of our treatment to match the recipient’s preferences to appropriately priced treatments
  • Dorit Baxter Spa Web Site lists, describes, and prices each of our broad array of treatments and packages of treatments

 Happy Holidays from Dorit Baxter & Spa Staff

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