Last Days of August at Dorit Baxter

End the last full month of summer on an upbeat note at Dorit Baxter Day Spa where we are featuring a Beautifying Spa Package at a uniquely low price, and also a real deal for friends sharing the spa experience

Make the most of these last precious days of August with one, or both, of Dorit’s Baxter’s quality treatments at bargain prices.

FacialTrio of Spa Treatments

Our Weekly Spa Promo is now a beautifying and pampering package of spa treatments consisting of our spa’s signature Facial, a Dorit Baxter Manicure, and our Manhattan spa’s Pedicure, all for $99.  The Facial will hydrate your face after summer’s sun exposure. The Manicure will pamper and soften your hands and fingers, and groom your nails for the post-summer season. The Pedicure will treat your feet to a thorough grooming after a season of walking in sandals and bare feet, and groom your nails to perfection.

Not too Late for Friendship Month

It’s not too late to come into the spa with a friend and enjoy our annual Friendship Month, offered every August, in which you bring a friend to the spa and her treatments are offered at half price. You can pay for both of you, or split the bill. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call a friend, invite her to come to our spa with you, and then call us and see if we can fit you in by Sunday. Dorit Baxter is always as accommodating as is possible when it comes to appointment requests.

See you at our conveniently located midtown spa for a $99 trio of beautifying treatments valid thru Sunday August 31, and you can also enjoy the benefits of our Friendship Month paying tribute to friendship thru the last day of the month.

Dorit Baxter & the Spa Staff

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August at Dorit Baxter

August is Friendship Month at Dorit Baxter, providing discounted treatments and a positive spa experience for two

friendsBargain & Tribute

Our annual Friendship Month (every August) is both a bargain, and a tribute to the strength and significance of female friendship.

Gift to a Friend

There are many ways in which spa patrons use our Friendship Month special, among them is to introduce (or reintroduce) a friend to the spa experience

Spa Newbie

Often the spa newbie is a very young woman who has not yet been exposed to the spa experience, and an older friend will invite the newbie to be her guest for a spa visit, and pick up our generously discounted tab for both.

Spa Shy

A regular client of ours last week brought in a friend who had gone to other midtown spas and found them too pricy and formal for her budget and her taste, and therefore has shied away from spas.  Dorit Baxter Day Spa, which has gotten some impressive press about our budget-friendly prices in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, is the perfect place to bring a friend who has been turned off by larger and more expensive establishments, but still wants quality treatments.

Spa Returnee

Sometimes a woman will take a break from spa-going if she is overwhelmed, often about balancing first-time motherhood with an on-going career. In those cases, it takes a friend to put a spa back in her life, just when she most needs it, and our Friendship special can do just that.

See you at our conveniently located spa in midtown Manhattan for the last week of Friendship Month which is valid thru Sunday August 31.

Dorit Baxter & the Spa Staff

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Featured at Midtown Day Spa Week of 8-17

Dorit Baxter is currently featuring a generously discounted massage and a budget-friendly way to boost female friendship

SpringBeautifierMassage Is a Sustaining Experience

Our Midtown Spa’s weekly promo thru August 24 is a $69 massage. The previous post on this blog was about the advisability of indulging in a massage because it’s such a healthful form of indulgence. One of our regular clients had something to say about that.

Here it is in her words:
“I always feel guilty when I spend money on myself, always have to justify it, so with massages I schedule one every other month and that’s it. Now I’m thinking that I should be kinder to myself because, between the pampering and the muscle work, having a massage is a sustaining experience for me.”

Reunite at Our Spa

Our Friendship Month is also eliciting comment. Here’s what one client had to say:

“I called a friend with whom I had become estranged and invited her to be my guest at your friendship special. The atmosphere at the spa was so pleasant that it put us at ease and the tension between us dissolved. I picked up the tab for both of us, at 50% off for her. After our spa visit, we went out to dinner and she picked up the tab and, now we’re back to our friendship again.

See you at Dorit Baxter on West 57th Street where you will find the lowest prices for a Midtown Spa. Our $69 Massage is valid thru Sunday July 24. You will also enjoy the benefits of our Friendship Month offered thru August, so that you and a friend can enjoy some quality time with quality treatments in a friendly environment at a substantial discount.

Dorit Baxter & the Spa Staff

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$69 Massage

Dorit Baxter’s Weekly Spa Promo is now a one-hour massage for $69 that lets you derive a wellness benefit by luxuriating at a frugal price

Our Privilege, Your Pleasure

Our spa’s privilege this late-summer week is to offer you the pleasure of an hour’s massage therapy at a uniquely low price for a midtown Manhattan location long-praised for the high quality of our treatments.

HeadNeckHealthful Indulgence

When we talk about indulgence we are frequently referring to food of the not-so-healthful variety. Massage is just the opposite; it’s an indulgence that will contribute to your overall well-being. Our $69 Body Massage lets you derive a wellness benefit by luxuriating at a frugal price.

Sweet Respite

When Dorit Baxter opened one of the first day spa’s in America at her present location, she did so to bring to the clients at her midtown beauty & wellness boutique the benefits of spa treatments then only available to the affluent at health-oriented retreats in distant locales. Our day spa provides a sweet respite from urban angst right at the urban core. When you walk into the massage room, you are shedding the aggravations of daily life through a process that unknots your muscles, improves your circulation, and elevates your mood.

Ultimate Pampering

Instead of indulging yourself with harmful treats, treat yourself to the experience of ultimate pampering that is beneficial to your body and your spirit.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our Midtown Spa for a $69 Massage Valid thru Sunday August 24

Dorit Baxter & Massage Therapists

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Currently Featured at Midtown Spa

Dorit Baxter is currently featuring a uniquely low-priced facial and a budget-friendly homage to female friendship

This Week’s Spa Promo

Our Midtown Spa’s weekly promo thru July 17 is our Classic European Facial, dubbed by one of our clients as Manhattan’s Best Facial, at the exceptionally discounted price of only $50.

You will not ever find a lower cost, high-quality skincare treatment in Midtown, than this dramatic reduction on our already strikingly affordable signature facial, so be kind to your countenance, and your budget, in these waning days of the summer of 2014, and find the time to treat your face to a pampering and beautifying treatment on West 57th Street.

dorit__MG_5353This Month’s Friendship Special

Bring a friend into our spa and she will receive 50% off her treatments in our Friendship Month Special. Use this generous discount to share the experience of beauty and wellness treatments with a friend you care about in a friendly and caring environment, where frugal consumers are pampered like the princesses you deserve to be.

This is a chance to show a friend you are thinking about her, while you are taking care of yourself with beautifying, wellness-inducing treatments which will let you look and feel your best.

See you at our conveniently located midtown spa for a $50 Facial valid thru Sunday July 17, and also enjoy the benefits of our Friendship Month offered thru August to celebrate the joys of enduring connections by sharing a positive and fun experience.

Dorit Baxter & the Spa Staff

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