After-Summer Skin Cleansing

September Splendor

One of the finest times of the year is this period between Labor Day Weekend in the first week of September and the official end of summer and start of autumn later in the month. The heat has abated but the cool weather has not yet arrived. These are warm golden days as summer lingers before gently fading into fall.

After-Sun Skin Repair

In our midtown spa, these delightful last days of summer are a time for repairing the skin from the damage done to it by the departing season’s sun and the sweat its heat generates. For this condition we recommend one of our most popular and widely praised skin care treatments: the Dorit Baxter Deep Cleanser.

Deep Cleanser for Post-Sun Exposure

Profiled in Marie-Claire Magazine last spring, our Deep Cleansing Facial with Herbal Pack is the perfect antidote to skin blemishes caused by all that fun time in the sun and the sweat that came with it. The herbal pack, consisting of soothing, healing herbs—lavender flower, flax seeds and chamomile—softens the skin in a gentle preparation for deep extractions. The extracting process is described in detail in the Marie Claire Profile, which reveals our soft weapons for taking out the toughest blackheads with a minimum of discomfort.

Additional Options for After-Sun Skin Repair

In our next blog post as the September splendor is deepening, we will discuss additional options available at Dorit Baxter, conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, which will further repair, refine, and beautify the skin as those lazy, hazy summer days are fading into happy memories, and you want your face to glow with autumn’s vibrant vigor.

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Midtown Manhattan’s Most Popular Spa Treatments

The most popular treatments at our midtown spa are:

–Facial to rejuvenate appearance

–Massage to revitalize muscles

–Slimming wraps to revise the figure

In subsequent posts this blog will explain in detail each of these categories of treatment. Below you will find a summary of all three:

Essential Steps to Balance & Beautify the Skinfacehydration

Dorit Baxter’s Classic European Facial is our spa’s signature skin-care procedure, which softens and steams the face prior to gentle but highly effective extractions. Following this thorough cleansing, a beautifying masque is applied to close the pores and refine the skin’s texture. Future posts will describe skin-type-specific additions to this basic treatment.

Pampering Experience with Healing Effect

Dorit Baxter Massages Therapies all provide pampering while enhancing wellness. While we offer a variety of bodywork modalities, which will be discussed in future posts, they all have in common a process of releasing muscular tension by a touch therapy that unblocks the flow of blood, thereby more efficiently bringing oxygen and other nutrients to the body’s tissues. The dual effect of this healing process is that it both soothes and energizes.

Bloat Buster Boot Camp Brings Rapid Results   

Our spa’s signature Slimming Wrap consists of wrapping the body in bandages soaked in slimming oils and minerals, and then covering the wrapped body in a hot thermal blanket to sweat off the bloat. We call this treatment “the boot camp of body-slimming wraps” because of the intensity of the procedure and immediacy of its results.

We look forward to welcoming you to our spa conveniently located in the center of midtown Manhattan to enjoy our popular treatments.

Dorit & Staff

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Friendship at a Midtown Day Spa

As August and with it our spa’s annual promotion in honor of female friendship draws to a close, we asked Dorit Baxter the following questions:

Why honor female friendship in August?Friendshipmonth

International Friendship Day is always the first Sunday in August, but the connection between this spa and female friendship goes way back to the early 80s.

What is the connection?

In the first year of the 80s, I opened a prototype for the urban day spa in midtown Manhattan, and that was a decade which was very challenging for women.

Weren’t the challenges in the 70s when women fought for equality of opportunity?

Yes, of course; but the 80s brought different kinds of challenges. Suddenly there were new career opportunities for women. Women were feeling they had to be like lions in the boardroom and kittens in the bedroom. They were planning long-term career strategies while listening to the ticking of their biological clocks. In the 70s, they had learned the power of female friendship in the Conscious Raising groups, now they were struggling to find the time to see their friends.

Is that when you began to see the spa as place to which friends could to together?

Yes, but I didn’t think in terms of the word Spa. I know it’s difficult to understand now, when there is a mini-day spa in every mall in America, but back then a spa meant a destination venue which only the rich could afford. What I began to see than was a connection between my boutique salon, which offered massages as well as skin, hair, and nail care, as place where my schedule-stressed clients could relax, by themselves, and also with friends. My salon on East 58th Street became just that.

How did that first venue evolve into what you have now?

By the end of the 80’s there was talk of a kinder and gentler America, so I opened a much larger space on West 57th Street, at the core of midtown instead of at its edge. I wanted it to be an “urban oasis” for my clients, a place where they could enjoy the scrubs and packs that were then only available at destination spas. I continued to maintain a pampering ambience where hardworking women could come to be pampered as well as beatified, where massages and varied spa treatments induced a feeling of wellness. I wanted my clients to feel comfortable in inviting their friends to share this experience in a place where they could take time for themselves and one another.

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Three Days of Day Spa’s Deep Discounts

Midweek prices this week at Dorit Baxter in midtown Manhattan are the real deal when it comes to highest quality treatments at amazingly affordable prices in an exceptionally affable atmosphere. Check out on our Web site Spa Savings Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday only.

Groomed to Perfection for $118

We call this package Summer Fun because this trio of beautifying treatments pamper as they prettify. Our Classical European Facial will significantly refresh your face so that it looks like springtime instead of the last phase of a long, hot summer. In our Nail Salon, the tips of your fingers and toes will be scrubbed, shaped and polished so that you look positively perfectly groomed.

DeepDuo of Signature Treatments for $128

Our Pampering Package offers the signature Facial described above with our signature One-Hour Body Massage which will make you feel as good as you will look after the facial.

Beauty & Wellness Trio for $185

Dorit Baxter’s Bare Skin Beautifier offers at a saving of nearly $50, all three of the treatments conveying a signature of consistent quality at quantifiably low prices. Thus our duo becomes a trio with a facial as pampering as it is essential to the health of your skin, a tension-busting massage, and our Sea Salt Body Scrub which purifies the skin with a formula that gives you the keys to Euphoria.

This exceptional Spa Savings is only offered thru Thursday, August 27th, so call us right now and make an appointment to find midweek magic in midtown Manhattan.

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Running Shoes & Day Spas

At the beginning of this month, there was an article in the Well section of the New York Times titled Choosing the Right Running Shoes. This led to a conversation about the connection between these shoes and the day spa industry in America, and the following interview with Dorit Baxter, owner of one of the very first day spas in the U.S.

Why do running shoes remind you of the time when you decided to open a Beauty & Wellness business in midtown Manhattan?shoesneakers
It wasn’t that I decided to open such a business, because the term did not exist then; and the shoes we are talking about were known simply as “sneakers.”

How did you make the connection between the two?
In the spring of 1980, there was a transit strike in New York. Women were walking to work through Manhattan, across the Brooklyn Bridge, all over the city.  We all said that we were enjoying the exercise, because we were wearing sneakers and carrying our high-heeled shows to work in our handbags.

Where were you working then?
I was the skin care specialist at a large and well-known hair salon just down West 57th Street from my spa’s present location. My facials were very popular and I had reached the point where I was overbooked. I felt it was the optimal time to start my own business but such a venture is always a risk and I needed to feel that I had a new concept.

How did women walking to work in sneakers give you a new concept?
I saw how much they needed exercise in their daily lives. I also saw how they needed to relax, so I got the idea of starting a boutique beauty salon in midtown specializing in skin care but also offering massage therapy. This doesn’t sound new now but then it did, because only the huge salons offered what we now call a wellness-treatment.

When did you open your own business?
Half a year after the transit strike, in the fall of 1980, I opened my first Beauty & Wellness business in midtown Manhattan; a decade later I opened a full day spa at my present location, one of the first in the U.S. And it all started with the sneakers. And since that spring of 1980, all over New York, you can still see women walking in comfortable shoes.

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Optimal Eating, Moving & Sleeping

Woman Eating HealthyAn Impression-Making Book

After reading the previous post on this blog explaining the distinction between doing intense exercise and enhancing the movement entailed in daily activities, which quoted Eat-Move-Sleep by Tom Rath, a client asked us why this particular self-help book made such an impression. To any of you who have the same question, here’s the answer:

Choice & Change

Rath’s book is subtitled: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes. The concept has always made sense to us but we have never heard the connection between “choice” and “change” phrased so succinctly. Here are some more of the wise and cogently expressed concepts from Rath’s book, which we share with you because of our spa’s commitment to wellness.

“The quality of what you eat matters far more than the overall quantity.”

“The belief that you can eat anything in moderation is dead wrong.”

“Instead of worrying about losing 10 pounds in a month focus on making better decisions the next time you eat.”

“Being active throughout the day is what makes you healthy.”


“Reducing chronic inactivity is even more essential than brief periods of vigorous exercise.”

“There are hundreds of moments in a day when you can embed extra activity into your routine.”

“Sitting is the most underrated health threat of modern times.”

“Missing sleep can change the trajectory of an entire week.”


We look forward to seeing you at Dorit Baxter Spa in midtown-Manhattan these sizzling summer days, when we could all benefit from taking some time to cool off.

Dorit & Staff

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Friendship Month at Dorit Baxter

August is Friendship Month at Dorit Baxter where you are invited to bring a friend into our spa and we will welcome her with a generous discount

Celebrating Friendshipfriends

The first Sunday in August is always International Friendship Day, and at our spa in midtown-Manhattan, it has become a tradition to turn the entire month into a celebration of friendship with our Friendship Month Special.

Why We Celebrate Friendship

In 1980, Dorit opened a boutique-sized day spa at the edge of midtown. It was an era when women were learning to “dress for success,” and grateful for the respite from all the pressure Dorit’s first spa offered. Nearly a decade later, Dorit opened a much larger establishment at her present location in the center of midtown. New York’s women were by then taking time for themselves, and their female friendships. We came to realize then that one of our spa’s purposes was to provide a place and a mental state for women to spend time with their friends.

How We Celebrate Friendship

We are inviting you to bring a friend into the spa and she will receive 50% off the price of any of our a la carte services. You also can opt to split the bill with her. This is up to you; what is up to us is to provide both of you with our high-quality affordable treatments in an affable atmosphere.

We look forward to welcoming you and your friends to our conveniently located spa for a generous discount in honor of friendship,

Dorit & Staff

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Four Days of Summer Indulgence

Dorit Baxter’s midtown day spa is offering Four Days to Indulge, Save, and Rejuvenate through Sunday August 2nd. Straddling the last two days of July and the first two of August in the steaming depths of summer, these days are yours for cooling-off.

facehydration$109 for a Trio of Beauty Essentials

Enjoy our pampering Classic European Facial accompanied by Dorit Baxter’s ever-popular Manicure and Pedicure so that you leave the spa with a rejuvenated face, a relaxed mood, and beautifully buffed nails.

$128 for Signature Beauty & Wellness Services

Our rejuvenating facial combines with a blissful one-hour body massage to make you look and feel distinctly younger.

$185 for Signature Wellness, Beauty, and Body Services.

To the massage and facial, add our signature Sea Salt Body Scrub which purifies your skin and brings euphoria to your mood.

These spectacular savings are a thank-you to our patrons for their loyalty through the years by giving them a supremely chill-out experience as the city sizzles, energy melts, and nerves fray.

Spa Specials like these are not offered on our Web site. They are presented in mailings to our data base, and to browsers visiting this blog. If you are not yet on our mailing list, be sure to ask to have your name added to it when you call to make an appointment

We invite you to come in and savor spa treatments that provide a welcome respite from scorching pavements and sweaty skin in an ambience where you are pampered as both serenity and energy are replenished.

Dorit & the Spa Staff

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Exercise & Activity

At our day spa, we are always interested in trends in both aesthetics and wellness, a natural interest, since Dorit Baxter’s spa in midtown-Manhattan was one of the first in the U.S. to offer an array of treatments fusing the two, three-and-a-half decades ago. Now there is a new trend in thinking about movement—an essential component of wellness—which we want to share with you.

Exercise + Activity = MovementJogging

Over the past few years, new concepts about movement have come to the forefront of wellness-oriented concerns. No longer is it considered okay to intensely exercise four or five days a week for as much as an hour and then spend most of the rest of one’s waking time seated at an office desk all day, and in the evening in front the TV. Instead, moving as much as possible in daily activities is advised along with, but not in place of, periods of focused intense exercise

Difference between Exercise & Activity

Exercise is planned, focused and intense. Activity is the stuff of daily life and can be enhanced by a few healthy changes to your routine:

—walking to grocery store, carrying bags home in a backpack

—walking around the office or home for a few minutes after half an hour of sitting

—using the stairs instead of the elevator

— walking to and from every destination as much as is possible

— in the midst of a brisk walk, break into a spurt for about three minutes

— jogging in place for a few minutes for every half hour of sitting in front of the TV

Conscious Movement

The key to following these suggestions is to keep moving consciously, purposefully, from increasing the speed of weeding the garden, to taking the stairs in your home two at a time. Conscious living can form the core of exercise programs as well as infusing daily life with more movement. For more information on conscious movement, we recommend, Eat-Move-Sleep: How Small Choices Can Lead to Big Changes by Tom Rath.

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Dorit Baxter’s Nail Care = SPA

At our midtown spa we have invented an acronym for the quality nail care that we provide for our clients: SafePamperingAesthetic

Safe, Now and Always

A few weeks ago, this blog published a post about unsafe practices in many nail salons which was the basis of a New York Times Series. Our salon deplores the practice of “Perfect Nails, Poisoned Workers,” and we are proud to say that our nail care is free of dangerous chemicals like acrylic, gel, or shellac, because we will not endanger the health of our nail technicians and our clients, and will not pollute our health-conscious environment with toxic products.

More recently, we read with interest a follow-up article stating that while some improvements have been made as a result of investigations stemming from the series, a pattern of abuse continues. We hope that attention stays sufficiently focused on this outrage so that reforms can become increasingly effective.

pedicurePampering: a Touch & a Commitment

In place of pollutants, our spa’s nail salon offers pampering which is manifested in both the caring touch of our nail technicians, and the commitment we bring to all of our services: to ensure that our clients are feeling well cared for and much appreciated when they are with us.

Aesthetic: An Approach & an Expertise

The aesthetics of our nail salon reflect those of a spa devoted to Aesthetics and Wellness, and the expertise of technicians who can give savvy advice on the optimal shape and shade for the nails of fingers and toes.

Consider yourself warmly invited to come into our spa in midtown Manhattan and experience for yourself a nail care salon characterized by SPA

Dorit & Staff

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Mid-Week Deals at Dorit Baxter

Impromptu Indulgences

Dorit Baxter, a midtown day spa meeting the beauty & wellness needs of New Yorkers for nearly three-and-a-half decades, is offering this summer real deals mid-week. These surprising discounts make midtown’s most affordable day spa even more so. Because these prices are unprecedentedly low, we cannot plan on them in advance. Think of them as sporadic and impromptu indulgences for yourself this season of steaming streets and heat-frazzled nerves.

This Week’s Dealmoneysaver

On Tuesday July 14 & Wednesday July 15, we are offering three treatments each at the amazingly low price of $50. You can come in for one or two or all three of these treatments:

$50 Classic European Facial

$50 Sea Salt Body Scrub

$50 Manicure, Pedicure & Warm Hand Paraffin

Upcoming Deals

Our plan is to offer such deals frequently through the summer, but only on an impromptu basis. If you are a budget-conscious spa-goer with a flexible mindset, these impromptu treats representing quality services at dramatically reduced prices are for you.

Spa’s Mailing List

Dorit Baxter’s mid-week real deals do not appear on our spa’s Web Site, where you will find information about seasonal specials, spa packages, and other discounted treatments. Information about the mid-week deals can only be obtained by being on our spa’s e-mailing list, which you can join with a phone call to us at 212 371-4542.
Looking forward to seeing you this summer for impromptu real deals at our spa conveniently located for almost 35 years in midtown Manhattan.

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Sun Protection

Sun Protection for the Summer Season

Dorit Baxter Recommends

In the 35 years that Dorit Baxter has owned her NY Day Spa in the heart of midtown Manhattan, she has been aware of how important it is for her clientele to be educated about protecting the skin from exposure to the summertime sun. This is why she is recommending a recent article in the NY Times on this topic.

“Sobering Findings”

In her recent article titled With Summer Sun Comes Signs of Danger, Jane Brody, personal health columnist for the Times, tells her readers that this is the time to “review the latest sobering findings on the damage that ultraviolet radiation can inflict on one’s skin and then take steps to prevent it.”

Beyond Sunscreen Debates

The Brody article takes us beyond sunscreen debates by reminding us: “Dermatologists have long cautioned people not to rely too heavily on sunscreens, even products with the recommended S.P.F. rating of 30 or higher for summer sun protection. Few people who do use sunscreen use enough to achieve the level of protection measured in the laboratory, and few reapply it often enough. A better plan is to stay out of the sun, especially midday, and cover the skin when sun exposure is unavoidable.”

Caution Should Be Noted

The Dorit Baxter Spa joins in these cautions. Yes, sunscreens can be effective, but only if used correctly in terms of quantity applied and the frequency of reapplications. Our spa urges you not to assume that you are using sunscreen the way it is intended to be used. Unless you are willing to do this, it is highly advisable to take the advice of staying out of the sun, particularly in its midday strength, and when your exposure to the sun is unavoidable, to cover the skin.

Wishing you a happy and safe-sun summer,

Dorit & Staff

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Spa Treatments for the Beach

Make Your Body Beach-Readybikinicial

Now that the calendar says summer is officially here, and we have started the countdown for the biggest-bash holiday weekend of the season, it’s time to make sure your body matches your mood in its readiness for the beach. Here are the three spa treatments which we at Dorit Baxter are offering for the last days of June and the first days of July:

De-Bloat for the Beach

You will be super-confident in your bathing suit after Dorit Baxter’s signature Slimming Wrap, a de-bloating treatment that wraps your body in bandages soaked in slimming oils and minerals, and puts you in a hot thermal blanket to sweat off the bloat.

Get the Best Wax for Your Beach Attire

Whatever the bathing suit you are wearing, you will want to be confident that you are hair-free in the areas your swim suit reveals. Check out all of our Body Waxing services and decide which one is the best fit for you. Most of our clients opt for the Bikini Wax, unless they want to go Brazilian, but for those preferring more conservative swim wear, an Upper Leg Wax can suffice. The choice, as always at Dorit Baxter is yours

Be Beach-Ready with a Pedicure

Pretty feet are essential for you to stroll on the shoreline with confidence. A Dorit Baxter Pedicure will pamper, soothe and smooth your feet, groom your toenails to perfection, and offer you a wide variety of Essie nail polishes from which you can choose the color that you feel will look best on you at the beach.

Dorit and staff are waiting to welcome you to our spa, conveniently located in the core of Midtown Manhattan, for our treatments that will make you completely and confidently beach-ready as summer swings into its high season.

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Dad’s Day Gifts at Dorit Baxter Day Spa

For Father’s Day 2015, our spa is offering a choice of three spa packages specifically designed for the father in your life:

Young man getting a massageWellness for Dad —Dorit’s Baxter’s Signature Massage & Facial, plus a pampering manicure, $139

Male Wellness —Bonanza of five Dorit Baxter treatments, from our signature Massage, Facial, and Sea Salt Body Scrub, to a soothing paraffin treatment for the hands, to the choice between a manicure and pedicure, all for only $225

Energizing Dad —Full-Hour massage and a manicure guaranteed to groom and pamper for $89

Why Give Dad a Spa Gift?

Because a spa gift is a perfect way to say, “Dad, you have always taken care of your family and now it’s time to take care of you with sumptuous treatments that both relax and energize, pamper and groom. This one’s for you, Dad.

Why Give Dad a Dorit Baxter Spa Gift?

Because Dorit Baxter’s Spa at the core of Midtown Manhattan was one of America’s first day spas, and from the beginning we welcomed men as well as women for expert and affordable treatments in an affable ambience. For over thirty years, we have been making all visitors to our spa, whatever their gender, age, or personal style, feel welcomed and appreciated.

Call our Midtown Spa at (212) 371-4542 to make an appointment for your dad. Special prices are valid thru June 30, 2015. Now is the time to give back to Dad for all he has given to you!

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Safe, Pampering & Aesthetic Nail Care at Midtown Spa

At Dorit Baxter’s Midtown Spa, we practice safe nail care with consistent attention to pampering and aesthetics.

Safety First

Dorit Baxter has never used acrylic, gel, or shellac in our nail care so as not to endanger the health of clients or nail technicians, or pollute our serene environment with chemical odors.

“When prospective clients have called to ask if our manicures and pedicures include these products, we explain that we can’t maintain a wellness-inducing environment in the presence of fumes which are offensive to the olfactory sense, and endanger the health of our staff and clientele,” Dorit explains adding, “then we invite the caller to come in and experience our gentle, enjoyable, and expert nail care,”

Pampering Experience

Dorit Baxter’s nail care is administered by aestheticians practiced in providing a pampering for fingers and toes, hands and feet, as part of the process of filing and styling, cleaning and polishing the nails.

Nail Aestheticsnewmanipicbox

Nail aesthetics are about polish color. At our nail salon the in heart of Manhattan, we use quick-drying Essie Polish, thus eliminating the need for blowers and dryers, and facilitating the serene ambience we are committed to enhancing.

In subsequent blog posts, we will be discussing the range of color choices available, talking about what’s hot in polish color this season, what’s not—and why you should be guided by neither, but only what looks and feels right to you.

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Bonanza Discount at Dorit Baxter this Week

Through the Ninth of June, our centrally located spa is offering a Massage, Manicure and Pedicure for a total of only $118.

Summertime Treats

The calendar may say Spring, but our internal clocks know that Summer’s here. To celebrate its arrival, our Midtown Spa is providing a trio of treatments that pamper as they heal and groom.

Muscle Care

As you “roll out the lazy, hazy days of summer,” remember to heal your muscles from constricting pain with an hour’s Body Massage that will make you look as good as you feel at the beach.

pedicurePretty Nails

Speaking of the beach, whether the color of your toe tips matches or complements that of your finger tips, this is the time when you will want to show off both with an expert Manicure and Pedicure which are exceptionally affordable for Midtown Manhattan

Poison-Free Nail Care

The nail salon services at our spa are free of the dangerous chemicals used in so many other salons, a shocking condition recently chronicled in a New York Times Series. Dorit Baxter has never used acrylic, gel, or shellac in our nail care so as not to endanger clients or nail technicians, or pollute our serene environment with chemical odors.

Call right now for an appointment through Friday at our spa in the core of Midtown Manhattan for our discounted trio of treatments to loosen your muscles and buff your nails at summer’s start.

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Q&A with Dorit Baxter on Deep Cleansing Facials

What is a Deep Cleansing Facial?facial

In a deep-cleansing facial the emphasis is on extraction, while in a basic facial, like our spa’s Classic European Facial, the emphasis is on exfoliation.

Who Needs a Deep Cleansing Facial?

People with very oily and acne-prone skin can greatly benefit from a facial focused on extractions.

So, it’s only an oily skin that develops blackheads, right?

Wrong. Dry skin often develops tough blackheads, and these are particularly hard to extract, because the area around the blackhead in dry skin is harder, more resistant to the procedure.

How do I know if my black heads require an extraction-focused facial?

Ask your nose; study it in front of a well-lit mirror. If you see many blackheads on your nose, you will know that you would benefit from a deep cleaning procedure.

Do deep extractions have to hurt?

The esthetician’s expertise can minimize discomfort. Our spa’s Deep Cleansing Facial was recently the subject of an article in Marie-Claire in which one of the magazine’s web editors, Lauren Valenti, described her facial with “Yaffa Rabe, a master esthetician and skin specialist at Dorit Baxter Day Spa, who firmly believes that extractions are the secret to a glowing complexion, but only if they’re performed by a professional.

“What surprised me most,” Valenti continued, “was that Rabe had no metal tools in her arsenal, and simply used gloved fingers and tissues. While squeezing out my face with utter precision, she explained that she was targeting my problem areas: T-zone, nose, chin, and random spots along my cheeks.”

Why did your spa’s master esthetician perform the procedure without the use of a metal implement?

The more imbedded the blackhead, the deeper you have to go to extract it, and when you go that deep, a tool can irritate the skin. Therefore, it is advisable to use the least invasive tool possible—human fingers, gloved and aided by the softest of tissues.

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Waxing Discount at Dorit Baxter

Dorit Baxter is offering a 20% discount on all waxing services at her midtown spa through May 24

Make this Week a Waxing Week

Memorial Day ushers in the unofficial start of the summer season. If you are going to be away this weekend, then you will want to have your waxing needs met during the week. If you are planning on being in the city over the weekend, Saturday or Sunday would be the perfect time for a waxing, as the spa will be closed on Monday May 25 in observance of Memorial Day

waxingistockChoose from Our Waxing Options

Take a look at Dorit Baxter’s waxing services and choose whichever ones are right for you on the edge of summer 2015. Your choice will depend on how much of yourself you want to show on the beach this season. We will talk in detail about the varieties of waxing services our spa is offering in subsequent blogs over the summer. For now, just look at the array and pick what suits your summer bathing suits.

Discounts at Dorit Baxter are Midtown’s Best Bargains

Because our spa’s regular prices have been exceptionally affordable in pricey Midtown Manhattan since 1980, our discounted prices are actually discounts on discounts. Affordable treatments of superior quality in an affable atmosphere at New York’s most convenient location have been the reason for our spa’s long-term success.

Looking forward to meeting all your waxing needs at our Midtown Spa this summer

Dorit & Staff

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Dorit Baxter’s Three-Day Discount Bonanza

Dorit Baxter is offering at her spa in Midtown Manhattan thru May 15 three essential beautifying & wellness-inducing treatments for only $50 each.

Pampered & Purified to Perfectionfacial

Dorit Baxter’s signature Classic European Facial has been treasured by New Yorkers since 1980. From a facial massage to soften the skin, to a soothing, steaming process preparing the face for the deep cleansing that is essential for looking your best, to a mask that refines skin texture, your face is pampered and purified to perfection.

Cleanse Your Body & Feel Euphoric

Our Sea Salt Body Scrub will cleanse and purify your body through a thorough but gentle exfoliating process which will take your spirit all the way to euphoria while soothing, smoothing and softening your skin.

The following three grooming services are offered together for the astonishingly affordable cost of only $50!

Manicure to give you the polished look that says “Midtown Manhattan”

Pedicure to pamper & prettify your feet, and sleekly polish your toenails

Warm-Hand Paraffin to soothe and soften, moisturize and rejuvenate, your hands.

You Can Have It All

You don’t have to choose among the three $50 specials described above. You can opt for each of them on the same day, or over two, or three days, or simply pick one. The choice is yours; the pleasure of providing you with your choice(s) is ours.

We look forward to greeting your this midweek of superbly discounted treatments at our midtown spa,

Dorit & Staff

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Recipients of Mother’s Day Spa Gifts

Dorit Baxter Day Spa suggests purchasers of Mother’s Day Spa Gifts expand their notion of who can receive such a gift

Inclusivity at Midtown Spa

Dorit Baxter’s spa has been about inclusivity for three-and-a-half-decades of meeting the beauty and wellness needs of New York’s hard-working middle-class women. In terms of age, race, ethnicity and personal style, we reached out to build in Midtown Manhattan a clientele as diverse as the city itself. Now we are suggesting that you be inclusive about Mother’s Day Spa Gifts.

iStock_000020090128Medium(1)Broadening Your Gift List

When you start to think about it, you will most likely realize that there is more than one maternal figure in your life. An aunt to whom you are close; a woman is who is a friend of your family and has always been kind to you; a mentor at work who has taught you to navigate your way up the career ladder—all of these ladies are appropriate recipients of a Mother’s Day gift from you.

Maternity and Maturity

A maternal figure in your life need not be that much older than you. There may be a woman in the neighborhood who has kept a kindly eye on you, a friend’s older sister who has offered comfort and advice, the grandmotherly lady who lives next door.

Thanks the Day Spa Way

Saying thank you to the maternal figures in your life the day spa way means you are saying: “You deserve pampering and beautifying treatments in a welcoming environment that will make you feel as appreciated as you are by me.”

We are looking forward to beatifying and pampering the maternal women in your life at our Midtown Spa where inclusivity, expertise, affability and affordability have been there for New Yorkers since Nineteen-Eighty.

Happy Mother’s Day from Dorit & Staff

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Spa Gifts for Mother’s Day

Dorit Baxter is offering four packages of generously discounted spa treatments at her spa in midtown- Manhattan to those shopping for Mother’s Day gifts

Duo of Pampering Treatmentshappymothersday2015

What do you get when you combine a One-Hour Body Massage with a Sea Salt Body Scrub into a Mother’s Day gift package? A package called Pampering Mom, which will relieve muscular tension and also cleanse the skin for a purified appearance and euphoric sensation.

Trio of Delightful Treatments

We call this triad of treatments Beautifying Mom because it consists of our Classic European Facial to bring a glow to the features, our One-Hour Body Massage that brings a beautiful smile to the face as muscle tension is dissolved, and a pedicure that pampers and prettifies the feet as it polishes the toes.

Spa Package of Five Treatments

The Dorit Baxter Body Beautifier has always been a very popular spa gift for Mother’s Day, because it offers a Therapeutic Massage, a pampering & cleansing Facial, a Hand Paraffin Treatment that heals joint pain as it smoothes the skin, an exfoliating Sea Salt Body Scrub, and a choice of a Manicure or a Pedicure.

Sumptuous Spa Experience

We call it the Chill Out; mothers who are recipients of this gift call it an ultimate in pampering and beautifying. Enjoy the following treatments: release muscular tension with a Therapeutic Massage; cleanse the countenance with a Classic European Facial; exfoliate the skin all the way to euphoria with a Sea Salt Body Scrub; an Herbal Body Wrap seals into the body a healing and fragrant blend of botanical and herbal essences; for simultaneous pampering & grooming, a Manicure and Pedicure, plus a complimentary nutritious & delicious lunch. All for under $300!

Looking forward to beatifying and pampering your mother at our Midtown Spa

Dorit & Staff

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Checkout Dorit Baxter’s Discounted Spa Services

April may be the cruelest month in poetry, but at Dorit Baxter Day Spa it’s the kindest with discounts galore. Which is right for you?

massagelessonLove Lesson for Couples

Love is always in season, and never more than in the springtime. A loving touch is essential for expressing tender feelings. Our midtown spa’s Massage Lesson for Couples teaches how to treat one another to a healing touch. For under $150, this lesson from an expert massage therapist is too good a deal not to take it for the two of you.

We Keep It Deep & Sweet

Find out why Marie Claire raves about Dorit Baxter’s Deep-Cleansing Facial with Herbal Pack. Offered right now for only $98, this thorough facial cleansing goes deep enough to rid the face of every impurity, but is surrounded by such exquisite pampering pre-and- post-extraction that the whole experience is sweetly nurturing.

Beauty Basics for Under $100

If your budget is just now not so fine, but your skin needs a shine, Our Beautifying Duo covers the basics for under $100 with our signature facial treatment, the Classic European Facial; and our signature body treatment, a Sea-Salt Body Scrub, so that you shimmer from top-to-toe.

Give Your Body a Double Treat

Is your body demanding some TLC? Come into our midtown spa and give it a double treat with our Delightful Retreat consisting of our signature One-Hour Therapeutic Massage and a Sea Salt Scrub, for under $130.

Luxurious Indulgence at an Affordable Price

Go for it with our Bare Skin Beautifier: Massage, Facial, and Body Scrub for only $185, a uniquely low price for this trio of pure indulgences in Midtown Manhattan.

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Midtown Spa’s Spring Special

Midtown Spa’s Spring Specials: Low in Price, High in Quality

Dorit Baxter Spa’s Spring Specials are packages of sumptuously pampering and wellness inducing treatments at the generously discounted prices for which this Midtown Manhattan venue has long been known

Facial Cleansing & Body Scrub

For under a hundred dollars, a springtime skin-purifying treat from head to toe is yours with our Beautifying Duo: Dorit Baxter’s signature Classic European Facial, encompassing all the essential steps for balancing and beautifying every skin type: plus our signature body treatment, the Sea Salt Body Scrub which gently exfoliates your skin while elevating your mood all the way Euphoria. This steeply discounted package is available Mondays thru Thursdays.

Body Massage & Body Scrubshiatsu

Board the Euphoria Express in Midtown Manhattan when you enjoy the package we call a Delightful Retreat. Available 7 days a week for only $129, this combination of a Body Massage and a Sea Salt Scrub, both of which will soothe and energize you to a state that can only be described as euphoric, is the ultimate in renewal.

Massage, Facial & Body Scrub

Save almost $50 with our Bare Skin Beautifier, consisting of Dorit Baxter’s three signature treatments: One-Hour Body Massage, Classic European Facial, and Sea Salt Body Scrub. Available 7 days a week, this package provides everything you to need to experience the spirit of springtime in New York.

Wedding Prep: Beautifying the Bride

As bridal season approaches, we are proud to be offering 7 days a week our Bridal Beautifier package of treatments at only $189, a package that includes our One-Hour Body Massage, plus a Sea Salt Body Scrub, with the addition of our two basic grooming & pampering treatments: Dorit Baxter’s ever-popular Manicure & Pedicure.

We are all looking forward to providing you with our midtown spa’s select packages of treatments in tune with the soft beauty of springtime in the center of this most fabulous of all the world’s cities

Dorit & Staff

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$50 Treatments Available this Week at Dorit Baxter

This week (from Monday April 6th thru Friday April 10th) Dorit Baxter is offering at her spa in mid-town Manhattan three seasonal beautifying treatments for only $50 each.

Acquire a Youthful Spring-time Glow

Let Dorit Baxter’s signature Classic European Facial give your face a seasonal glow. From a facial massage to soften the skin, to a soothing steaming process that prepares the face for the deep cleansing that is essential for looking your best, to a mask that refines skin texture, your face is pampered and purified to perfection.

Purify Your Body for the Season of Renewal

Our Sea Salt Body Scrub will cleanse and purify your body through a thorough but gentle exfoliating process that will take your spirit all the way to euphoria while soothing, smoothing and softening your skin.

Buff-Up for the Budding Season

The following three beautifying services are offered together for the astonishingly affordable cost of only $50!

Manicure to give you the polished look that says “Midtown Manhattan”

Pedicure to pamper & prettify your feet, and flatter your toenails

Warm-Hand Paraffin to soothe and soften, moisturize and rejuvenate, your hands

Our Services, Your Choices

You don’t have to choose among the three $50 specials described above. You can opt for each of them on the same day, or over two, or three days, or simply pick one. The choice is yours; the pleasure of providing you with your choice(s) is ours.

We  look forward to greeting your this week of superbly discounted treatments at our midtown spa,

Dorit & Staff

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Midtown Spa Spring Savings

This spring, as at every time of the year, Dorit Baxter Day Spa abounds in bargains because budget-friendly treatments are part of the trio we have promised, and delivered, to spa-going New Yorkers for the past three-and-a-half decades: Superior Services at Affordable Prices in an Amicable Atmosphere.

Double Discounts at Dorit’s

Every discount at Dorit Baxter is a double discount because our regularly priced treatments have always been exceptionally reasonable for a spa in the core of Manhattan. Therefore, when you avail yourself of our discounted services, the price that is being discounted is already a savings.

Seasonal Spa PackagesSpringSpecialCategory

Our Spring Specials consist of the following packages of popular treatments:

Beautifying Duo comprising our two signature skincare services: Classic European Facial and Sea Salt Body Scrub.

Delightful Retreat offering both the Body Scrub and our signature One-Hour Body Massage.

Bare Skin Beautifier, consisting of our signature facial, body massage, and body scrub

Bridal Beautifier providing the bride with a massage, body scrub, manicure and pedicure

Dorit’s Midweek Surprises

Occasionally our spa offers midweek deeply discounted and widely popular treatments. We mail notices of these impromptu delights to our mailing list, and also post them on our homepage with the title $50 Treatments. If you are not on our mailing list, simply call the spa at 212 371-4542 and ask to be added to our list. If you are mailing-list adverse, be sure to check out Web site on a regular basis so as not to miss one of Dorit’s Midweek Surprises

We are waiting to welcome you to our spa this season where the prices are as reasonable as the services are excellent and the atmosphere is friendly,

Dorit & Staff

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Early Spring Time at Dorit Baxter

The early spring as winter loses its grip on the weather and in our moods to make way for the season of renewal, the homepage of our Midtown Spa’s Web Site indicates the enthusiasm which one of America’s first day spas swings into spring.

Extraction Facial

Marie Claire raves about a specialized Dorit Baxter facial which focuses on a deep cleansing. Our Deep Cleansing Facial with Herbal Pack prepares your skin for spring with serious extractions for a seasonal glow. The herbal pack constitutes a softening agent which readies the skin for deep extractions performed by our expert skin care specialists. Discomfort is minimized all the way to a completely cleansed face.

Beautiful young woman lying relaxed in a spa salonSpring Specials

In subsequent blog posts, we will describe the four Spring Specials in detail. For now, we will simply say that these packages of spa treatments are designed to beautify the body and enhance an overall feeling of wellness in tune with the season of budding and blooming, of warmer weather and happier feelings.

Couples Massage Lesson

An all-year-round popular treatment, our spa’s Couples Massage Lesson resonates with loving duos for varied reasons in different seasons. In the season of renewal, romantic pairs see in nature’s exuberance a reflection of their feelings for each other. At Dorit Baxter those feelings find expression in a session of mutual massage lessons.

Swing into spring at Dorit Baxter Day Spa in the heart of midtown Manhattan where we are waiting to usher you into the sweet season of renewal.

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Deep Cleansing Facial

Marie Claire Magazine Praises Dorit Baxter

Deep-Cleansing Facial with Herbal Pack

facialOur spa was gratified by a recent feature in Marie Claire by beauty editor Lauren Valenti who writes “Since extractions are a decidedly delicate matter, I did my homework and ended up in the most capable of hands: Yaffa Rabe, a master esthetician and skin specialist at Dorit Baxter Day Spa, who firmly believes that extractions are the secret to a glowing complexion, but only if they’re performed by a professional.”

Skin Softener

The secret to a successful deep-cleansing facial, one which accomplishes the maximum number of extractions with minimal discomfort, is to optimally soften the skin prior to the extraction. In all Dorit Baxter Facials, except for the Deep-Cleanser, steaming is the primary means of softening the skin.

Herbal Elixer

In our Deep-Cleansing Facial, the Dorit Baxter Herbal Pack is the primary softening agent. Valenti describes our spa’s herbal pack as an “elixer made of chamomile, lavender, and flax seeds, which work together to calm the skin, withdraw oil, and remove dead layers of skin without exfoliation or harsh ingredients.”

Heated Fragrance

These specialized herbs are melded and melted in our kitchen and placed in a gauze pouch the size of a large teabag. The freshly heated and fragrant pack covers the face and its softening effects prepare the skin for extraction.

Sealing Steamer

In our deep-cleansing facial, the steaming process functions to seal into the skin the softening effects of the herbal pack, making the skin optimally receptive to the extraction process, best performed by the gloved fingers of one of our highly skilled estheticians using soft tissues instead of a metal tool.

Spring Cleaning

We look forward to welcoming you to our spa in midtown Manhattan this spring for the Deep Cleansing Facial so appreciated by Marie Claire.

Dorit & Staff

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It’s Always Couples’ Time at Dorit Baxter

Because Valentine’s Day is in the exact middle of February, the whole month is often promoted as Couples’ Month. At Dorit Baxter, after meeting the aesthetics and wellness needs of discerning New Yorkers and visitors to our city for the past three-and-a-half decades, we have become accustomed to seeing couples coming to the spa together in ever-increasing numbers. Here’s why:

massagelessonShare the Learning

Romantic duos are drawn to our Massage Lesson for Couples because learning together how to have a healing touch on the person you most care about can be a meaningful bonding experience for both of you.

Share the Healing

When two people who love each other have a Couples Massage they are happily sharing the healing experience of being given a massage by an expert therapist. Solo, massage is a restorative experience; sharing it with a life’s partner enhances the healing.

Share the Package

Couples who share our spa’s Couple’s Package enjoy our most popular treatments, including the Couple’s Massage described above.

Share the Experience

Some of our clients who have brought their husbands in for one of the treatments described above get into the habit of coming into the spa as a couple for entirely separate treatments simply because sharing the spa-going experience adds another dimension to the activities in which they include each other. Spa-going is about feeling better and looking better, so why not come into the spa together, and after the treatments enjoy some dining and wining with each other?

We are waiting to welcome couples at our spa conveniently situated in Midtown Manhattan and long known for the coziness of its atmosphere, excellence of its treatments, and affordability of its prices,

Dorit & the Spa Staff

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Dramatic Discounts Make for February Fun at Dorit Baxter

Dorit Baxter Day Spa, located at the core of midtown Manhattan, is full of fun during this latter part of February, as the fickle weather keeps segueing from freezing to sunny.

Late February Spa Packagevalentinegirl

Our day spa’s deeply discounted February-Fun Package consists of a One-Hour Body Massage Plus a choice between our Classic European Facial or a Manicure and a Pedicure. Let’s take a look at the contents of this package to see if we can find the fun in each treatment.

Where Wellness Meets Pampering

Starting with the post-holiday blues and going right through a Valentine’s Weekend of almost record-breaking cold, you deserve to feel better while being pampered, which is just what Dorit Baxter’s wonderfully therapeutic One-Hour Body Massage will do for you.


Be Pampered All the Way to Rejuvenation

Our Spa’s signature Classic European Facial will hydrate your winter-ravaged visage, thus softening your skin and changing a face made ruddy by the wind into one that wears a warm glow of derma health.


Choose a Grooming and Pampering Experience

At our Midtown Nail Salon, expert grooming procedures are performed with a pampering touch, from a Manicure that polishes the tips of your fingers to a Pedicure that prettifies your toes while making your soles feel like velvet.

Remember, this month is the shortest of the year; so before these now-visibly lengthening days fly by you, be sure to have some February Fun at our Midtown spa.

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Valentine’s Weekend at Dorit Baxter

With Valentine’s Day a Saturday this year and the following Monday President’s Day, at our midtown spa the three-day weekend is being called Valentine’s Weekend. Here what you can expect from us over three festive days in the middle of February.

Healing, Tender Touch

Learn how to bring a healing touch to the one you love with our Massage Lesson for Couples, one of our spa’s most popular treatments because it teaches a loving pair how to give each other the gift of a caring, healing, and tender touch

Share a Massage Experiencecouplesmassagejason

Dorit Baxter’s Couples Massage gives the two of you the opportunity to simultaneously experience the delight of a pampering, soothing, and ultimately energizing therapeutic massage.

Massage and Facial

The Dorit Baxter Couples Special, consisting of a shared massage experience and our Classic European Facial for each of you, is a lovely way to say Be My Valentine.

Couples Spa Package

We have bundled up the best of our aesthetics & wellness treatments into a lavishly pampering package we call the Couples Package which will be a celebration of the very special connection that is yours to treasure and nurture.

Festive February

For any woman wanting a Beauty & Wellness experience in the middle of a wintry month, our February Fun brings you the best of both with a One Hour Body Massage plus a Classic European Facial OR a Manicure And a Pedicure

Looking forward to providing our reasonably priced and sumptuously pampering services for you on Valentine’s Weekend 2015 at our spa in the heart of Midtown Manhattan

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Massage Lesson For Couples

Massage Lesson for Couples at Dorit Baxter’s Midtown Spa

February is Valentine’s Month at our spa in midtown Manhattan where we offer treatments that will bring to this challenging winter the warmth of romance

Teaching a Healing Touchmassagelesson

Couples are accustomed to exchanging tender touches, but a healing touch can take some instruction, which is what Dorit Baxter offers with our Massage Lesson for Couples. This tactile teaching is one of the most popular treatments offered at our spa, because the couple’s massage instruction gives to a duo the ability to utilize a healing touch in a way that will bring two people closer together in a wonderful variety of ways.

Learning on Each Other

The two of you will receive a hands-on lesson from an experienced massage therapist who will put you at ease and gently give each of you instruction on how to apply a healing touch to the muscles of the other.

Practice Makes Perfect

The Massage Lesson does not end when you leave the spa, because you will take it home with you to practice the new healing techniques you have learned, and combine them with a tender touch. Couples massage can be an experience in itself, or the prelude to romance; the choice is yours, the healing is real.

Couples are warmly invited to come out of the cold and into our Midtown spa to savor together a lesson you can practice in the romantic intimacy of your boudoir.

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Couples Treatments at Dorit Baxter Day Spa

Couples Treatments at Dorit Baxter Day Spa are Popular Every Season

Subsequent blog posts next month will describe in detail the Couples’ Treatments which we will be offering at our Midtown spa in February. This post will discuss the reasons why our spa, one of the first in the U.S., has a special appeal for couples in every season.

Affordable Pampering

Our exceptionally reasonable prices, unique for a highly regarded spa in midtown Manhattan, are a big plus for duos who find that our deals are really so competitive that they can seem like a two-for-the-price-of-one when compared with other spa prices in this area.

Affable Atmosphere

The friendly and informal ambiance which clients treasure at Dorit Baxter is particularly welcomed by couples, often consisting of a spa-savvy female and a spa-newbie male. When the guy is shy about spas, there’s nothing like a homey atmosphere to put him at ease.

Specialized Massages

Both our spa’s Couples Massage and our Massage Lesson for Couples are given by therapists skilled not only in bodywork techniques but in putting clients at ease, particularly in specialized massages. In the Couple’s Massage, a pair of therapists work smoothly in unison; in the Massage Lesson for Couples, the therapist, with a gentle expertise, gives each of the duo a valuable lesson in working on the other.
We look forward to welcoming couples to our spa, conveniently located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, at Valentine’s time—and all the time.

Dorit & Staff

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Cold Weather Skin Hydration at Dorit Baxter

Cold Weather Skin Hydration for the Face at Dorit Baxter Day Spa

This week you will find at our spa a trio of dramatically discounted Cold Weather Hydration treatments.facehydration

Throughout the winter, you will find a variety of Cold Weather Hydrating treatments for both the face and the body to repair the damage done to the derma by cold weather and harsh winds.

Keep in mind that any visit you make to Dorit Baxter is a budget-wise choice, because our treatments provide the highest quality at the lowest prices for an established spa in midtown Manhattan—and this has been true for the past 35 years!

Basic Hydrating Facial

Any facial at our spa is a hydrating experience, beginning with our signature Classic European Facial with its highly moisturizing mask a powerful agent of hydration.

Specialized Hydrating Facials

Hydrate sensitive skin with Dorit’s Derma Lift featuring a mask made of melted vitamin E and Azulene designed to both heal and moisturize sensitive skin.

Hydrate mature skin with our Oxygen Facial featuring a deeply rejuvenating oxygen spray

Hydrate particularly dry skin with our Super Collagen Facial featuring a potent mask made from the fiber of collagen, the primary component of connective tissue. The collagen fiber mask is a highly efficient means of hydrating dry skin.

We are inviting you to step out of the cold on West 57th Street and into a hydrating respite from the rigors of the city in winter at our welcoming spa

Dorit & Staff

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Winter Specials at Dorit Baxter

Winter Specials at Dorit Baxter Pamper the Body and Warm the Spirit

You will find a welcome respite from the blues and blahs of deepest winter at our haven of serenity and comfort in the center of midtown Manhattan when you choose one of the three spa packages designed to bring beauty and wellness to this blustery season

Pair of Beautifiers

Dorit’s Classic European Facial combines with our original Sea Salt Body Scrub to detoxify the skin, pamper the face and induce in your limbs and your mood a euphoric feeling. This beautifying and wellness-promoting pair of treatments we call the Beautifying Duo is yours for under $100!

beatingthewinterbluesCatYour Happy Choice, Our Low Price

You will savor the process we call Beating the Winter Blues which has the blood flowing through your muscles with our spa’s ever-popular One-Hour Body Massage and then beautify yourself with a choice of a Classic European Facial OR a Manicure AND a Pedicure. The choice is yours and the price is so right at only $128

Bare Skin Beautifier

Our deluxe trio of treatments called the Bare Skin Beautifier will remove impurities from your skin and give it a glow of health and energy. This combo of Massage, Facial, and Sea Salt Scrub is yours for the generously discounted price of $185.

Looking forward to seeing you frequently this winter so that we can help take the sting from the season and replace it with warm and cozy feelings.

Dorit & Staff

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Protecting Children from the Rush to Adulthood

Dorit Baxter Day Spa Advocates Protecting Children from the Rush to Adulthood

When an article appeared recently in the New York Times about spa-going girls as young as seven, Dorit Baxter felt compelled to add her voice to the hundreds of comments deploring the practice of encouraging parents to plan spa visits for children with the following statement:

I am the owner of a day spa in midtown Manhattan which does not offer treatments to children under the age of twelve. For teenagers under sixteen, we only provide procedures to modify skin problems and excess body hair. We applaud previous comments deploring the rush to adulthood

One of Dorit’s intentions in writing this comment was to urge her fellow-spa-owners to set an age limits policy so that little girls aren’t having beauty days instead of play days.

Close up view of happy cute kids with leaves bunchAt Dorit Baxter, we believe that it is socially irresponsible for spas to market to children treatments that they don’t need, and which are contributing to the overall societal trend of rushing them to adulthood for commercial purposes.

Our spa considers itself part of that facet of the Aesthetics & Wellness community encouraging our patrons to look and feel their best, while mitigating the influences on our clientele that make so many women feel unhappy about their appearance, and obsessive about the natural signs of aging.

In this spirit, we know that the only way we here at one of America’s original day spas can be of help to children is to keep them away from the spa. And that’s what we will continue to do.

Yours in celebration of childhood,
Dorit Baxter & Staff

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Dorit Baxter Celebrations

An Anniversary Celebration at Dorit Baxter Day Spa

Dorit Baxter

Dorit Baxter

This December marks the 25th anniversary of the opening of our spa at its present location.

One of America’s First Day Spas

Prior to December of 1989, Dorit had owned since 1980 an innovative Beauty & Wellness boutique in Midtown East. Motivated by the desire to bring to the hardworking New York career women who have always been her clients the ultimate in relaxation, Dorit opened one of the first day spas in America at her present location in the core of midtown Manhattan.

Multicultural Practices & Products

From the beginning, Dorit’s sensitivity to the needs of different skin types and the spa’s aura of friendly inclusivity attracted a highly diverse clientele, a multiculturalism also reflected in the line of skincare products used and sold at the spa.

Recognition from New York Times

Five years ago this week, at the end of the worst business year in the U.S. since the 1930s, the New York Times wrote a feature story about Dorit Baxter Day Spa, in tribute to the durability of a small business with a loyal clientele who appreciate quality services at modest prices in a welcoming atmosphere.

Past the Quarter-Century Mark

Now that one of the original American day spas has marked a quarter century in Midtown Manhattan, we are looking forward to continuing to provide our clients with a tried-and-true blend of quality, affordability and affability.

We look forward to seeing you at our spa in the New Year

Dorit & Staff

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Monetary Value Spa Gifts

Why Buy Dorit Baxter Monetary Value Spa Gifts?

Dorit Baxter Day Spa in midtown Manhattan offers two basic choices in holiday gift certificates—Packages of Spa Treatments and Monetary Value Gifts. Which is right for you to purchase?

Personalized Gifts

A gift of spa packages, whether chosen from among our three Holiday Spa Packages or from among any of our extensive selection of Spa Packages, is a personalized gift because the package is chosen with the preferences of a specific recipient in mind. These more personalized gift certificates are most often purchased for a friend or relative familiar with each recipient’s preferences.

Monetary Value Giftsgiftcertificate

A gift of Monetary Value Spa Gifts is one in which the purchaser can pick a dollar value, ranging from $25 to $550. Recipients of monetary value gifts can decide on their own which of our array of treatments they wish to experience. These less personalized gift certificates are frequently purchased by business owners buying gifts for their staffs, with length of service determining monetary value.

Spa Facilitates Receipt of a Monetary Value Gift

These are the ways in which our spa makes it easier for recipients of monetary value gifts to make their choices:

  • Enclosed in the envelope from the spa containing the gift certificate is our brochure so that the recipient can see the price of each of our treatments
  • Our desk staff will be happy to assist any recipient of a monetary value gift who calls for advice to put together a package of our treatment to match the recipient’s preferences to appropriately priced treatments
  • Dorit Baxter Spa Web Site lists, describes, and prices each of our broad array of treatments and packages of treatments

 Happy Holidays from Dorit Baxter & Spa Staff

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Why Buy Dorit Baxter Holiday Spa Deals

giftWelcome to the Holidays at Dorit Baxter Day Spa. Below are some of the reasons why you will want to buy our Holiday Spa Deals

  • Our spa’s location is at the heart of Midtown Manhattan, where Uptown meets Downtown, East Side greets West Side, in the immediate vicinity of Bergdorf’s and Tiffany’s, Carnegie Hall and the Russian Tea Room, only a few blocks from Central Park or the theater district
  • Dorit’s track record for offering quality services at affordable prices in an affable atmosphere, acquired over 35 years of providing midtown beauty & wellness services, 25 of those years at her spa’s present venue
  • Dorit’s Holiday Deals offer at a wide range of prices to fit every shopper’s budget, with each holiday package providing a carefully selected set of treatments for an enjoyable and highly beneficial spa experience
  • You can use our holiday spa deals for yourself as well as for those on your holiday shopping list. You deserve a real spa deal as much as anyone, so you can purchase the packages offered in our holiday gift certificates to enjoy when you most need a spa break from the stresses of daily life.
  • You can choose from among our three Holiday Spa Gift Certificates—Holiday Trio Treat, Holiday Bliss, Holiday Deluxe Treat—or you can call us and ask about purchasing a gift certificate for a monetary value. The choice, as always at Dorit Baxter, is yours.

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Body Wraps thru Nov 23

Body Wraps for Beauty & Bliss with a 50% discount this week at Dorit Baxter Day Spa

As the weather now spells winter and the holidays are just around the calendar’s corner, this is the time to enjoy the benefits of a warming and beautifying body wrap. We are offering a choice of four popular body wraps at half-price through Sunday, Nov. 23rd.

The Boostermummy

We call our Seaweed Wrap “The booster,” because it advances a diet & exercise regimen. This powerful wrap (not advisable during a pregnancy) detoxifies, tones, and tightens the body, thus augmenting a vigorous fitness program.

The Blender

The Herbal Body Wrap blends herbal and botanical essences into a pampering and gentle spa experience, cleansing the skin of impurities while balancing emotions. This skin-smoothing, mind-soothing, mood-enhancing treatment elicits an overall sensation of serenity.

The Buster

Sweat out the bloat with a Slimming Wrap. You will be very tightly wrapped in bandages soaked in a formula of herbs and minerals, which is then sealed into your body with a hot thermal blanket. This intense process is not about pampering, and not recommended for the pregnant. Those prepared for this extreme slimmer will experience a bloat-busting process in one potent session.

The Brusher

Our Full Body Paraffin Treatment begins with melted Vitamin E oil being brushed onto the body in a gentle but profound hydration process followed by a wrap in a thermal blanket so that the oil’s hydrating properties seep into the body.

We look forward to welcoming you to our spa, conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, for a 50% discount on beautifying and wellness-oriented Body Wraps, Valid thru Sunday November 23rd, 2014

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Q&A with Dorit—Face Change: Renee Zellweger’s Extreme Cosmetic Surgery

The editor of this blog does a Q&A with Dorit Baxter about the Zellweger plastic surgery from the perspective of a skincare specialist who has owned a Beauty & Wellness venue in midtown Manhattan for the past 34 years

Q: Did you read Zellweger’s remarks to People Magazine about the public’s response to her new look?

A: Yes, I did. Essentially, she was saying that she is happy with how she looks now and defined public interest in her appearance as “silly.” Of course, we all have the right to choose a look and strive to achieve it, but I would not call the public’s reaction to the change in Ms. Zellweger’s face as silly; most of us found the alteration to be disturbing.

redbackground1Q:Why disturbing?

A: Because what we were seeing was a human face surgically altered beyond recognition, not in a reconstructive procedure after a trauma to the face, but via cosmetic surgery. We are asking ourselves whether this is the direction in which plastic surgery is going. Will women in the near future get a new face, not a facial rejuvenation, but an entirely different face, every decade, or even every few years?

Q: Would that be so terrible?

A: The face is an essential part of our identity, our individuality. Extreme cosmetic surgery could be a game changer for human identity as well as a face changer for individuals who opt for these procedures.

Q: So that is why Zwellweger’s plastic surgery touched such a public nerve?

A: I think so. I also believe that many women felt betrayed by her face change because Renee Zwellweger represented a movie star who looked like a real woman, with her round cheeks and endearing smile, and we are asking ourselves: “Oh, Bridget Jones, where did you go?”

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$99 choices thru Nov 16

Ninety-Nine Dollar deals offer a facial plus choices of additional Dorit Baxter services thru Sunday November 16th

Our current Weekly Spa Promo is offering Dorit Baxter’s signature skincare treatment: Classic European Facial—encompassing all essential steps for beautifying and balancing every type of skin—plus a choice of additional spa services, both options under a hundred dollars!

Facial Plus Popular Body Treatmentfacial (2)

Our Facial will pamper, cleanse, moisturize and balance your skin while Dorit Baxter’s signature body treatment, our Sea Salt Scrub will do for your body what our facial does for your visage: remove toxins and impurities, soften and rejuvenate, while the Scrub also elicits a blissful mood.


Facial Plus Complete Nail Care

After rejuvenating your face, you can receive a complete nail grooming with our pampering and polishing Manicure and Pedicure. The result is a glowing face and exquisitely groomed nails.

How to Choose from the Plus Options

If you want to rejuvenate your body as well as your face and be pampered all the way to euphoria, you will opt for the Facial plus Sea Salt Body Scrub; if you want the nails on your fingers and toes cleaned, clipped, shaped, and polished, you will choose the Facial Plus Manicure & Pedicure. The choice is yours; make it based on your preferences and beauty needs this week.

We look forward to welcoming you to our spa, conveniently located in midtown Manhattan for $99 Spa Services Valid thru Sunday November 16th

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Q&A with Dorit — Unique Beauty Boutique

Dorit Baxter remembers a unique beauty boutique that opened 34 years ago this week

A skin-care practitioner in midtown Manhattan since 1980 and founder of one of the first day spas in the U.S., Dorit Baxter speaks out about derma health and aesthetics

A skin-care practitioner in midtown Manhattan since 1980 and founder of one of the first day spas in the U.S., Dorit Baxter speaks out about derma health and aesthetics

The editor of this blog does a Q&A with Dorit, who opened a precursor of her current midtown Manhattan day spa in the same area 34 years ago this week, which was quickly recognized as a unique beauty boutique.

Q: What were you doing before opening your own business?

A: I was doing facials at a huge and highly successful midtown salon where I had developed such a large clientele that I was overbooked, so I decided it was time to strike out on my own. I did so with a boutique-sized salon specializing in skincare, and also offering massage therapy as well as other beauty services.

Q: How did you come to the decision to include massage in your services?

A: In the spring of 1980, there was a transportation workers’ strike in New York City, so residents of the outer boroughs walked across the bridges to Manhattan. The women wore sneakers and carried their high-heeled shoes in handbags. I began to think about career women in New York and how much they could benefit from a massage at their beauty salon. The following autumn I opened my skincare salon, or beauty boutique, as it was often referred to, and offered massages, both traditional Swedish, and Shiatsu, which was not yet well known in America.

Q: Were you anticipating the beauty & wellness industry that developed in the 1980s?

A: Yes, I suppose I was, though, of course I didn’t think of it that way at the time.

Q: How long did you have that boutique salon?

A: until the last month of the 1980’s, when I opened, also in midtown Manhattan, one of the first day spas in America so that I could expand what I came to think of as the wellness aspect of the services my salon offered.

Q: So next month, your day spa will celebrate its 25th birthday?

A: That’s right, a quarter of a century at our present midtown location.

Q: Would you like to do another interview next month on that topic.

A: Yes, let’s plan on it.

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Body Wrap thru November 9

Four Body-Beautifying Wraps are being offered at Dorit Baxter thru Sunday, November Ninth.

Body Wraps soothe the mood while smoothing and beautifying the body. Here is the choice offered at our spa this first week of November; decide which one will work best for you at this point in time and your immediate wellness & beauty needs.

Boost Your Fitness Program

Our Seaweed Wrap boosts a diet & exercise program. This powerful wrap, not advisable during a pregnancy) detoxifies tones, and tightens the body, functioning as both a booster to a rigorous fitness program and an incentive to continue the progress you are already making.

Pampering Blend

Dorit Baxter’s Herbal Body Wrap provides a pampering blend of herbal and botanical essences which cleanse the body of impurities while balancing the emotions. Thus the skin is smoothed while the mind is calmed and the mood grows serene.

Bloat Bustermummy

Designed to vigorously sweat out the bloat, our spa’s signature Slimming Wrap provides instant results through an intensely tight wrap in bandages soaked in a formula of herbs and minerals, and sealed into the body with a hot thermal blanket. This intense process (not for the pregnant, not about pampering) banishes bloat in a potent single session.

Deep Hydration

Our Full Body Paraffin Treatment hydrates the derma by gently brushing melted Vitamin E oil onto the body. This oil’s antioxidant properties effectively facilitate derma health. The intense hydration process is followed by a wrap in a thermal blanket which lets the hydrating agents sink deep below the skin’s surface.

We look forward to welcoming you to our spa, conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, for a 40% discount on beautifying and wellness-oriented Body Wraps, Valid thru Sunday November 9th, 2014

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Dorit Baxter’s Proximity to NYC Marathon

The NYC Marathon is an annual event with which Dorit Baxter Day Spa has always felt closely connected.

Cross Country RaceGeographic Proximity

The geographic proximity to the Marathon’s Central Park Finish Line is self-evident as our spa, at its present location at the core of midtown Manhattan for a quarter of a century, is situated just a few blocks from the park.

Historic Proximity: 1980s

In early November of 1980, as the NYC Marathon celebrated its tenth anniversary, Dorit opened on the uptown edge of Midtown east a prototype of the Beauty & Wellness establishments which are now pervasive.

Historical Proximity: 1990’s

When the Marathon was celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 1990, Dorit Baxter was nearly at the first anniversary of opening one of the first day spas in America.

Historic Proximity: 2000s

In the first week of November, 2001, the NYC Marathon symbolized the city’s community spirit in a dark time; the Dorit Baxter Spa donated proceeds from the business to help families of the tragedy’s victims.

Historic Proximity: 2010s

In 2012, the NYC Marathon was cancelled in the wake of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy; we at Dorit Baxter welcomed disappointed runners to our spa for soothing and energizing treatments.

In 2013, the race resumed and Dorit Baxter offered the same annual tribute to the stellar event with our Marathon Massage which we have been offering this year.

Happy Marathon Day!

Dorit & Staff

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Dorit Baxter’s Advice on Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Discussion

An interesting discussion about plastic surgery appearing this week on the Opinion Page of the New York Times, keeping-up-appearances-at-any-cost, was timely for me. The week after next, I will be celebrating thirty-four years of meeting the skin care needs of New Yorkers in my own Aesthetics & Wellness venue in midtown Manhattan, nearly a decade prior to opening at the very core of Midtown one of America’s first day spas.

Dorit Baxter Clientele

As in most articles about this subject, movie stars are used as examples of different approaches to surgically altering a woman’s face. Our spa’s clientele is comprised not of celebrities, but of hard-working middle-class New York women; in fact, The New York Times, almost four years ago, wrote a profile of Dorit Baxter Spa quoting me thus describing that clientele.

Changing Attitudes

Dorit Baxter

Dorit Baxter

While the composition of my clientele over nearly three-and-a-half decades has consistently been the one described above, attitudes about women and the ageing process have dramatically changed from a widespread acceptance of plastic surgery to equally pervasive doubts about it.

My Best Advice

My best advice to any woman contemplating plastic surgery is to fully comprehend her motivations and then decide if they make sense to her, if her reasons click with the realities of her life and her image of herself.

Interesting Times Ahead

2014 is the year in which the youngest of the Baby Boom Generation turns 50. This generation, by sheer force of numbers, has fundamentality changed American society at every stage of its development to date.  It will be interesting to see what it will do to aging now that its youngest members have reached the half-century mark.

Here’s to aging well,


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Spa Week at Dorit Baxter

Spa Week at Dorit Baxter

Dorit Baxter Day Spa, located at the core of midtown Manhattan, is participating in the Spa Week national promotion for the fall of 2014. Below are $50 treatments for the spa week of Monday Oct. 20 thru Sunday Oct. 26.

facialClassic European Facial $50

The Classic European Facial is our spa’s signature skin-care treatment, encompassing all essential steps for balancing and beautifying every skin type. This is where pampering and aesthetics are perfectly blended.

Sea Salt Body Scrub + Hand Paraffin Treatment $50

The Sea Salt Body Scrub is Dorit Baxter’s signature body treatment which exfoliates the body’s dead skin, thus creating a detoxifying experience that generates a euphoric mood.
Our soothing and moisturizing Hand Warm Paraffin Treatment can relieve arthritic joint pain and muscular stiffness while it soothes and smoothes your hands so that they are easy on the eyes and soft to the touch.

Eyebrow Shaping + Brazilian Wax $50

The Eyebrow Shaping at our spa includes waxing and tweezing to perfect a look of your choice. Done correctly, eyebrow shaping is about more than grooming; it changes a woman’s appearance in a nuanced but definite way.
A Brazilian Wax gives a glamorously smooth look for intimate moments. If you have never availed yourself of this procedure, if the idea is intriguing, but you are not sure it is right for you, there is only one way to find out: make an appointment for this ultimate waxing experience, and you will know soon enough if this is going to be a one-time experiment, or a procedure that will become a part of your beauty regimen.

We looking forward to seeing you during Spa Week

Dorit & Staff

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Marathon Massage Gift Certificate

Buy a Gift Certificate for the Marathon Runner(s) in your life

You are invited to purchase a specialized Dorit Baxter Spa Gift Certificate for anyone (or everyone) you know who is going to be running in the NYC Marathon 2014.

Marathon Massage SeriesCross Country Race

As we enter the final two weeks before the Marathon, the runners are intensifying their preparation. Our Spa’s Marathon Massage both prepares a runner’s body for the great race, and facilitates post-event recovery. We are offering a Series deal in which you can purchase three Marathon Massages and receive a fourth treatment free.

Gift Certificate

Our Marathon Massage Series is the ideal spa gift certificate for anyone (or everyone) you know who is running in the Marathon. Buy one today, and your Marathoner(s) can add massages to their race-prep routines, and also relax the muscles in the weeks following November Second.

Midtown Marathon Massage

Because our spa is located at the very center of midtown Manhattan, and a short walk from the New York Marathon’s Central Park finish line, and therefore so convenient to sprinters entered in our city’s premier athletic competition, we are often where they go after an intense prep period, or for a celebrity massage following the race.

Your Personal Tribute

What you will be saying to the Marathon Runner(s) in your life with a Marathon Massage Series gift certificate is: “I am so proud of you for entering this spectacular event which symbolizes New York City’s energy and striving spirit.” Dorit Baxter offers this specialized massage series as an annual tribute to the NYC Marathon. With our gift certificate, you will be paying a personal tribute to those in your life who dare to run one of the world’s great races.

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This Week’s Spa Promo at Dorit Baxter: Buy 3 Massages & Get the 4th Massage Free

Real Deal

Our massage series of three with the fourth free is the real deal when it comes to making massage therapy compellingly affordable. Dorit’s Weekly Spa Promos always represent a substantial savings, and this generous offer of four for the price of three is no exception. The only question you will want to ask yourself is which massages to choose to best meet your needs for a vital body treatment that is also a truly pampering experience.

Marathoner Runners

If you are participating in the NYC Marathon 2014, you will want to purchase our Marathon Massage which both prepares a runner’s body for the great race, and facilitates post-event recovery. You will also want to maximize our body treatment for Marathoners by buying a series of three and getting the fourth free. You can schedule your massages in any Before & After combo that works for you.

Massage Enthusiasts

If you are not running in the Marathon this year but know the value of a massage to body, mind, and mood, you are free to choose from among our extensive array of Massage Therapies. You can purchase four massages all utilizing the same technique, or four different techniques, or any other possibilities for selecting four among many which suits your needs.

We invite you to purchase your three massages, which make you eligible to receive a fourth free, by Sunday October 19th. We look forward to welcoming you to our spa in the heart of midtown Manhattan

Dorit Baxter & the spa’s massage therapists

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Marathon Massage Series

Marathon Massage Series: buy three, get a fourth free

As New Yorkers and guests to our city prepare for the NYC Marathon 2014, to be held on Sunday, November Second, our spa, in the heart of midtown Manhattan, is honoring this world-famous race with a Marathon Massage which can be purchased in a series of three with the fourth massage free.

Cross Country RaceSeries for Serious Runners

Purchasing a series of any spa treatment always combines thrift with commitment. Marathon Runners are, by definition, individuals committed to doing their best in one of the world’s great athletic events. Purchasing a series of Marathon Massages is thus a reflection of dedication to optimize participation in this year New York Marathon.

Planning Your Marathon Series

Because the Marathon Massage at Dorit Baxter comprises the catalyst for a healing process in overworked muscles and joints, whether from prepping for, or completing, the NYC Marathon, you can divide the four massages in whatever combo works for you.

Let Our Spa Be Your Center

If you are participating in this year’s Marathon, we invite you to utilize our spa as your center for preparing for, and unwinding from, the race, with our Series of Marathon Massages which are the optimal treatment for before and after the long-distance run.

We look forward to welcoming you to our midtown spa in the weeks before and after the Marathon for a massage designed for marathoners.

Dorit Baxter & the spa’s massage therapists

p.s. look for our next blog post profiling the option of buying the Marathon Massage Series for the Marathon Runner(s) in your life.

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Spa Promo thru 10-12

Dorit Baxter Spa Promo thru October 12 offers substantial savings on our signature facial, plus a choice between a popular body treatment and the two basic services at our nail salon.

The spa’s $99 Weekly Promo is now providing, for less than one hundred dollars, our foundational facial with a choice between the spa’s well-known body scrub and the basics of our nail-care services.

Foundational Facial

facialThe Classic European Facial is Dorit Baxter’s foundational facial, encompassing all essential steps for balancing and beautifying every skin type. Since this week’s spa promo represents a considerable saving, this might be the time you would like to purchase one of the nine skin customized skin-enhancer additions to our essential skincare treatment.

Making Your Choice

Besides our signature facial, you have a choice between our signature body treatment and a Manicure/Pedicure. We suggest you make your choice on your preference of the moment. Below is further information about the particulars of that choice.

 Sea Salt Body Scrub

If you choose our Sea Salt Body Scrub, you will be adding to the skincare provided by our facial with an equivalent cleansing of impurities from your body, a process possessing the perk of resultant euphoric feelings.

Midtown Nail Salon

If you choose to avail yourself of our popular Manicure and equally appreciated Pedicure in our nail salon, you will be adding to the enhanced appearance provided by your facial with perfectly groomed tips to both fingers and toes.

The choice is yours at our conveniently located spa in the heart of Manhattan.

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