Dorit Baxter’s Proximity to NYC Marathon

The NYC Marathon is an annual event with which Dorit Baxter Day Spa has always felt closely connected.

Cross Country RaceGeographic Proximity

The geographic proximity to the Marathon’s Central Park Finish Line is self-evident as our spa, at its present location at the core of midtown Manhattan for a quarter of a century, is situated just a few blocks from the park.

Historic Proximity: 1980s

In early November of 1980, as the NYC Marathon celebrated its tenth anniversary, Dorit opened on the uptown edge of Midtown east a prototype of the Beauty & Wellness establishments which are now pervasive.

Historical Proximity: 1990’s

When the Marathon was celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 1990, Dorit Baxter was nearly at the first anniversary of opening one of the first day spas in America.

Historic Proximity: 2000s

In the first week of November, 2001, the NYC Marathon symbolized the city’s community spirit in a dark time; the Dorit Baxter Spa donated proceeds from the business to help families of the tragedy’s victims.

Historic Proximity: 2010s

In 2012, the NYC Marathon was cancelled in the wake of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy; we at Dorit Baxter welcomed disappointed runners to our spa for soothing and energizing treatments.

In 2013, the race resumed and Dorit Baxter offered the same annual tribute to the stellar event with our Marathon Massage which we have been offering this year.

Happy Marathon Day!

Dorit & Staff

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Dorit Baxter’s Advice on Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Discussion

An interesting discussion about plastic surgery appearing this week on the Opinion Page of the New York Times, keeping-up-appearances-at-any-cost, was timely for me. The week after next, I will be celebrating thirty-four years of meeting the skin care needs of New Yorkers in my own Aesthetics & Wellness venue in midtown Manhattan, nearly a decade prior to opening at the very core of Midtown one of America’s first day spas.

Dorit Baxter Clientele

As in most articles about this subject, movie stars are used as examples of different approaches to surgically altering a woman’s face. Our spa’s clientele is comprised not of celebrities, but of hard-working middle-class New York women; in fact, The New York Times, almost four years ago, wrote a profile of Dorit Baxter Spa quoting me thus describing that clientele.

Changing Attitudes

Dorit Baxter

Dorit Baxter

While the composition of my clientele over nearly three-and-a-half decades has consistently been the one described above, attitudes about women and the ageing process have dramatically changed from a widespread acceptance of plastic surgery to equally pervasive doubts about it.

My Best Advice

My best advice to any woman contemplating plastic surgery is to fully comprehend her motivations and then decide if they make sense to her, if her reasons click with the realities of her life and her image of herself.

Interesting Times Ahead

2014 is the year in which the youngest of the Baby Boom Generation turns 50. This generation, by sheer force of numbers, has fundamentality changed American society at every stage of its development to date.  It will be interesting to see what it will do to aging now that its youngest members have reached the half-century mark.

Here’s to aging well,


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Spa Week at Dorit Baxter

Spa Week at Dorit Baxter

Dorit Baxter Day Spa, located at the core of midtown Manhattan, is participating in the Spa Week national promotion for the fall of 2014. Below are $50 treatments for the spa week of Monday Oct. 20 thru Sunday Oct. 26.

facialClassic European Facial $50

The Classic European Facial is our spa’s signature skin-care treatment, encompassing all essential steps for balancing and beautifying every skin type. This is where pampering and aesthetics are perfectly blended.

Sea Salt Body Scrub + Hand Paraffin Treatment $50

The Sea Salt Body Scrub is Dorit Baxter’s signature body treatment which exfoliates the body’s dead skin, thus creating a detoxifying experience that generates a euphoric mood.
Our soothing and moisturizing Hand Warm Paraffin Treatment can relieve arthritic joint pain and muscular stiffness while it soothes and smoothes your hands so that they are easy on the eyes and soft to the touch.

Eyebrow Shaping + Brazilian Wax $50

The Eyebrow Shaping at our spa includes waxing and tweezing to perfect a look of your choice. Done correctly, eyebrow shaping is about more than grooming; it changes a woman’s appearance in a nuanced but definite way.
A Brazilian Wax gives a glamorously smooth look for intimate moments. If you have never availed yourself of this procedure, if the idea is intriguing, but you are not sure it is right for you, there is only one way to find out: make an appointment for this ultimate waxing experience, and you will know soon enough if this is going to be a one-time experiment, or a procedure that will become a part of your beauty regimen.

We looking forward to seeing you during Spa Week

Dorit & Staff

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Marathon Massage Gift Certificate

Buy a Gift Certificate for the Marathon Runner(s) in your life

You are invited to purchase a specialized Dorit Baxter Spa Gift Certificate for anyone (or everyone) you know who is going to be running in the NYC Marathon 2014.

Marathon Massage SeriesCross Country Race

As we enter the final two weeks before the Marathon, the runners are intensifying their preparation. Our Spa’s Marathon Massage both prepares a runner’s body for the great race, and facilitates post-event recovery. We are offering a Series deal in which you can purchase three Marathon Massages and receive a fourth treatment free.

Gift Certificate

Our Marathon Massage Series is the ideal spa gift certificate for anyone (or everyone) you know who is running in the Marathon. Buy one today, and your Marathoner(s) can add massages to their race-prep routines, and also relax the muscles in the weeks following November Second.

Midtown Marathon Massage

Because our spa is located at the very center of midtown Manhattan, and a short walk from the New York Marathon’s Central Park finish line, and therefore so convenient to sprinters entered in our city’s premier athletic competition, we are often where they go after an intense prep period, or for a celebrity massage following the race.

Your Personal Tribute

What you will be saying to the Marathon Runner(s) in your life with a Marathon Massage Series gift certificate is: “I am so proud of you for entering this spectacular event which symbolizes New York City’s energy and striving spirit.” Dorit Baxter offers this specialized massage series as an annual tribute to the NYC Marathon. With our gift certificate, you will be paying a personal tribute to those in your life who dare to run one of the world’s great races.

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This Week’s Spa Promo at Dorit Baxter: Buy 3 Massages & Get the 4th Massage Free

Real Deal

Our massage series of three with the fourth free is the real deal when it comes to making massage therapy compellingly affordable. Dorit’s Weekly Spa Promos always represent a substantial savings, and this generous offer of four for the price of three is no exception. The only question you will want to ask yourself is which massages to choose to best meet your needs for a vital body treatment that is also a truly pampering experience.

Marathoner Runners

If you are participating in the NYC Marathon 2014, you will want to purchase our Marathon Massage which both prepares a runner’s body for the great race, and facilitates post-event recovery. You will also want to maximize our body treatment for Marathoners by buying a series of three and getting the fourth free. You can schedule your massages in any Before & After combo that works for you.

Massage Enthusiasts

If you are not running in the Marathon this year but know the value of a massage to body, mind, and mood, you are free to choose from among our extensive array of Massage Therapies. You can purchase four massages all utilizing the same technique, or four different techniques, or any other possibilities for selecting four among many which suits your needs.

We invite you to purchase your three massages, which make you eligible to receive a fourth free, by Sunday October 19th. We look forward to welcoming you to our spa in the heart of midtown Manhattan

Dorit Baxter & the spa’s massage therapists

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