Couples Massage & Valentine’s Day

Couples Massage & Day Spas
Couples Massage is now a highly popular spa treatment. This was not always the case. Couples Massage is a part of the American Day Spa industry, of which I am proud to be a founder.

Origins of Day Spa Massage
When I first became a practitioner in the Beauty & Wellness industry back in the 1970s, spas were exclusive and expensive destination retreats affordable only to an elite of affluence and luxuriant tastes.
Middle-class women patronized beauty parlors, the more sophisticated of these called beauty salons. Men went to barber shops for their grooming. Massages were in gyms. It was only in the most prominent and prestigious salons that women could have a massage in the same venue offering beauty treatments.

My boutique-sized and moderately priced skin care salon, which opened in 1980, offering body massage along with facials plus the standard beauty salon services anticipated the arrival of day spas on the American beauty scene.

Unisex Day Spa
When I opened a trend-setting day spa in midtown-Manhattan just at the start of the 1990s, all spa services were available to men as well as to women. While the great majority of my clients over the past two-plus decades have been women, men have also been clients and have always felt welcomed and have particularly enjoyed our Male Wellness Package.

Couples Massage Gains Popularity
Our Spa began offering Couples Massage back in the 90s and it has soared in popularity as romantic duos find that sharing the massage experience enhances both the massage and their relationship. Couples Massage fits perfectly with the day spa intent to bring an affordable means of serenity to the urban experience.

Valentine’s Day
The day set aside for lovers is just the time to plan on a shared massage experience. This is why Couples Massage is a major feature of our Valentine’s Day Specials at Dorit Baxter. This is our way of celebrating the fusion of romance and spa-going among 21st Century New Yorkers.

Happy Valentine’s Day
Dorit & Spa Staff

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