Couples Massage

Couples Massage is one of the treatments being offered at Dorit Baxter in February, which is Valentine’s Month at our day spa in the heart of Manhattan

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At Dorit Baxter Couples Massage is one of our perennial most popular treatments. Here is the chance to luxuriate beside your own true love in a candlelit room, each receiving an expert massage that makes the blood surge through your veins and raises your mood all the way to a mutual euphoria.

From Novelty to Necessary

For the great majority of twosomes who frequently enjoy a shared massage experience, it started as a novelty, something to try once just to see what it’s all about. Then novelty became a necessity as they realized what a win-win is Couples Massage.

“My husband and I both need frequent therapeutic body massages in order to feel at our best,” a long-time Dorit Baxter client tells us. “When we opt for a Couples Massage, we are each getting the full benefits of first-class body work plus the additional perk of a relationship booster.”

The term “relationship booster” aptly sums up the experience of romantic pairs who cherish their shared massage-therapy hour because it brings them closer as a couple while each is receiving the bodywork that makes for a happier and healthier life.

Celebrating Your Relationship

A Couples Massage celebrates the intimate connection between a pair of life’s partners. This savoring and honoring of that union is what Valentine’s Month at our spa is all about.

You and your heart’s partner are invited to enjoy a Couples Massage at our spa during the month of February,

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