Dorit Baxter & Female Friendship

August is Friendship Month at Dorit Baxter because the concept of female friendship has always been important to all of us at the spa.

Importance of Female Friendships

Dorit Baxter began her skin care career in New York City in the 1970’s as the Women’s Movement was gaining momentum and for the first time attention was being paid to the significance in women’s lives of their female friendships.

dorit__MG_5353Beauty & Wellness & Friendship

When Dorit opened an innovative Beauty & Wellness boutique in Midtown Manhattan in the early 1980s, she created an atmosphere where schedule-stressed women balancing their professional and personal lives could relax in an easy-going and caring environment. Clients were soon bringing their friends to the spa so that they could enjoy the expert treatments and the friendly ambiance together.

Day Spas & Women’s Needs

At the start of the 1990s, Dorit launched, also in Midtown Manhattan, on West 57th Street, one of the first day spas in the U.S. She made this bold decision after listening to the clients in her earlier establishment say how they wished they could have a venue in the heart of New York City where they could find the wellness and beautifying procedures of remote and expensive destination spas. Meeting this need of female New Yorkers was the motivating drive behind Dorit Baxter’s New York Day Spa.

Day Spa & Female Friendship

Clients of Dorit Baxter Day Spa have always told their friends about us, brought their friends with them to the spa, and given their friends our spa gift certificates. This is why our day spa and female friendships have always been closely connected, and it is why every August is Friendship Month at Dorit Baxter.
Enjoy the Friendship Month of 50% savings at our spa all of August and think about how important to your well being are female friendships.


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