Holiday Deluxe Treat

Dorit Baxter’s Holiday Deluxe Treat is a spa experience all about luxuriating in a pampering environment while receiving the best of beauty & wellness treatments

Deluxe Spa Package

Gift Satin BowOur Holiday Deluxe Treat is like a mini-vacation encompasses the following treatments:

–for your muscle and your mood, a deeply soothing One-Hour Body Massage

–for a healthy skin and radiant appearance, Classic European Facial

–purify your skin & find ultimate relaxation with our Sea Salt Body Scrub

–release skin impurities and smooth your mood with an Herbal Body Wrap

–your hands are pampered and your nails groomed with a Manicure

–perfect your grooming while savoring the sensations of a Pedicure

Plus a complimentary delicious and nutritious lunch

A Spa Package that Is an Occasion

Buy yourself a Holiday Deluxe Treat as you segue into the rush and sparkle of holiday season with its demands and inspirations, then, a month from now, when you come down with a bad case of the post-holiday blues, let us bring the festive sparkle back to you, and for you, as you luxuriate in our warming, soothing, smoothing, beautifying, wellness-inducing Holiday Deluxe Treat. It’s more than a spa package—it’s an occasion!

You Can Make it a Shared Occasion

Share this luxuriating occasion with another by buying her (or him) a Holiday Deluxe Treat Gift Certificate, then come into the spa together to share the pampering and rejuvenating experience of out deluxe treat for the two of you.

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