Makeup Power

Empowering or Limiting:
“Some would argue that makeup empowers women, others would say it’s holding them back from true equality.”

The connection between makeup and female empowerment is of much interest to me because Dorit Baxter sells makeup in the spa and online.

I was glad to see a discussion on this issue come down emphatically on the plus side of makeup.

Red Lips Rule
“With red lips, I often feel like I can rule the world,” says a blogosphere commentator on style who is convinced that makeup can boost a woman’s self-esteem or her mood when she’s having a hard day.

I can easily concur on this one because I know that if at the end of the day, I put on bright-red lipstick, whatever fatigue or blahs I may be feeling are wiped away by applying that swath of energizing red to my lips.

Putting on Confidence
“A woman applying makeup is sort of like a man donning armor to prepare himself for battle,” says makeup artist Scott Barnes. “Makeup gives you confidence. It helps you exude the best possible version of yourself.”

This description resonates with me because of all the clients at the spa who apply makeup after wellness-inducing, beautifying and pampering treatments. It is like the final touch of looking and feeling their best, and exuding optimal confidence.

Dual Transformation
“Makeup doesn’t just transform you on the outside. It transforms you from within, filling you with a sense of empowerment and strength, and that’s a beautiful thing,” says makeup artist, Mally Roncal.

The above quote encapsulates for me what all beautifying activities should be: a dual transformation which enhances the outside appearance, and in so doing fortifies a strong and positive sense of self.

Autonomy Rules  
“Who are we to judge what someone else decides to do to her own face or body?”asks social commentator Thomas Matlack, making the excellent point that in choices about makeup, as in every aspect of style, autonomy rules.

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