Marathon Massage Series

Dorit Baxter’s Marathon Massage Series—four massages for the price of three—highlights how purchasing a series of treatments is always a smart buy.

Eclectic MassageMarathon Participants & Fans

Those offered our Discounted Massage Series include both participants in the NYC Marathon and fans of this annual event. Participants in the NYC Marathon will benefit from a Dorit Baxter Sports Massage featuring the use of trigger points to release lactic acids trapped in the muscles during exercise. Marathon fans are welcome to purchase the four-for-the-price-of-three-massages with the massage therapy of their choice.

Be Spa-Savvy by Buying a Massage Series

Buying a series of massages makes two-fold good sense. A spa massage series will help your budget and it will also help your body. Here’s why spa-savvy clients frequently purchase their Dorit Baxter treatments as a series.

Helps Your Budget

Just do the math and you’ll see the savings when you receive a no-charge treatment. At Dorit Baxter, we offer many savings, from spa packages, to reduced prices on off-peak hours, to our monthly and weekly specials. Buying a spa series is always a budget-savvy way to purchase spa treatments.

Helps Your Body

A massage series is a smart buy for your body as well as for your budget because it creates a consistently phased sequence of treatments. Your massage therapist can then give you several treatments, each one working the muscles deeper than the previous treatment. The result is a highly focused massage experience at a significantly discounted price.

Our massage therapists look forward to providing you with the benefits of a series of the highest quality massages,

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