Mothers Day Spa Gift

Dorit Baxter Spa Gift Certificates are perfect for Mothers Day because they are priced right for you and will be prized by her.

Your Discount, Her Delight

Everyone of our Mothers Day Gifts is a discounted Spa Package which means it is priced significantly lower than the sum of its individual treatments. A Dorit Baxter Spa  Package will delight your mother for many reasons.

The first reason is that all of our packages are designed by putting together treatments that function with synergy to maximize their wellness-inducing and beautifying properties.

Here are some additional reasons why you can be confident that your mom will treasure a Dorit Baxter Spa Gift:

Perfect for the Under-Pampered

Most moms put everyone before themselves, so if your mother is one of those under-pampered maternal women, you can be assure that she will receive the best of spa pampering from our caring and expert staff.

Choose When to Use Our Gift

The spa gift is your mother’s to use within a full year’s time whenever she likes. Some recipients of our gift certificates make an appointment weeks in advance, frequently with a special occasion in mind; others suddenly feel in the mood for a spa visit and call to see how soon they can get an appointment, and we do our best to accommodate.

Can Be a Shared Experience

If you wish to share your mother’s spa experience, you are welcome to purchase the same package of treatments, or another, for yourself, and come in together to enjoy the spa with each other. Mothers and daughters find a shared spa visit to be a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

We’re Friendly & Flexible

Friendliness is a trademark of Dorit Baxter, so we will be sure to make your mother feel at home whether this is her first visit to a spa, or she is an occasional, or a frequent, spa-patron. Flexibility is another trait, so we will do our best to make whatever adjustments your mother requests.

Inclusive Clientele

Whatever your mother’s age and shape, size and life-style, and personal-style, she will feel at home in our spa which has always been known for the inclusivity of its clientele.

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