Save on Summer Beauty Essentials

Dorit Baxter’s Summer Beauty Essentials is a spa package that is kind to both your budget and your body and will give you the confidence you need to be styling on the beaches this season.

Our Beauty Essentials for Summer is a discounted spa package kind to both your body and your budget that will give you the confidence to know you are looking your best when wearing the least summeressentials1

Have a Fine Time with a Bikini Line

A Dorit Baxter Bikini Waxing lets you stride the sand with the sensuality of a bathing beauty who knows that she is hair-free around the bikini line. Our waxing is performed by proficient aestheticians who work swiftly and carefully, thus minimizing discomfort and maximizing thoroughness of the results.

Beat the Heat with a Facial

The heat of summer can frazzle the mood, and that is reflected on your face. Dorit Baxter’s signature Classic European Facial will hydrate and refine skin texture so that your visage glows rather than glowers and you face is soft to the touch.


Dorit Baxter Nail Salon

Summer is different from other seasons at our Nail Salon because the pedicure is as essential as the manicure. From walking barefoot on the shoreline, to wearing high-heeled sandals to parties, everyone sees the toes. Our advice for summer nail care it to keep your feet beautifully groomed from toe to sole to heel, and choose a polish that expresses one of your summer moods, from casual sensuality to making a splash on the beach as well as in the water. This season instead of choosing the Pedi polish to match the Mani, you can reverse the order and relish the difference.


Essential Savings

Our Beauty Essentials for Summer is priced at $129, a saving of $36 over the treatments taken separately. Grouped together these essentials are not only offered at a discount, they comprise the absolute essentials you need to stride that beach with a breezy confidence.

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