Spa Packages: $99 Special (Classic European Facial & Half Hour Body Massage: Mon-Thurs Only)

A recent post on this blog gave an overview of the spa packages always available at Dorit Baxter. We explained that these packages are combinations of treatments at significant savings over the sum cost of separate treatments. In subsequent posts, we will describe our varied packages in more detail.

Most Budget Friendly
Our day spa, one of the first in America, has always been known for the low prices of our high-quality treatments. Our frequently discounted treatments and our permanent discounted packages bring our already exceptionally reasonable prices to new levels of affordability. The most budget-friendly of our Spa Package is our $99 Special.

Wellness & Aesthetics
Consisting of a Half-Hour Massage Therapy and our Classic European Facial, the $99 Special comprises the crux of Wellness and Aesthetics which are what our day spa has always been about.

Touch Therapy
All of our massages are administered by extensively experienced and highly skilled practitioners of bodywork who have refined their touch to perfectly correspond to the state of the client’s musculature. Consequently, a massage at Dorit Baxter is never so vigorous as to push the muscles beyond their limit, and never so light that the touch loses its therapeutic value. Because every touch in our massages is so carefully calibrated, a half-hour is enough time for a healing experience.

Half-Hour Healing
Depending on the client’s physiological needs and preferences, the half-hour massage can be either a condensation of a full-hour treatment, or it can concentrate on particular trouble spots, whether neck-and-shoulders, or lower back, or legs.

Balancer & Beautifier
Dorit Baxter began her career as a facialist whose technique made her so popular with beauty-conscious New Yorkers that she opened her own business. All of the facial aestheticians at our spa are very well trained, and all of them receive instruction from Dorit to perfect their technique. Every client who has a facial with us emerges with a balanced skin and beautified appearance.

Spectacular Bargain
Our most cost-conscious clients are savvy consumers of wellness & aesthetics treatments, and they know how to make choices that optimize their limited spa time, and we are always happy to provide them with our most spectacular special bargain.

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