Spa Snacks

Twilight of Twinkies
Because I came to America as a young adult, I don’t share the memories of those who grew up here when it comes to this week’s demise of the Hostess cake company, but American-born friends assure me that NY Times Op-Ed piece on the role of the Twinkie in generations of American childhoods describes what Hostess products meant to kids from many decades.

One friend of mine, a native New Yorker takes exception to the emphasis on the Twinkie. “What did it for me,” she recalls, “was the Hostess Cup Cakes, chocolate, with a white line zigzagging across the top, and opening to a creamy filled center. Just remembering the first bite from chocolate down to the creamy part can still make
my mouth water.”

Sun-Speckled Water
Snacks are so tempting but posed a dilemma for me when I opened my day spa, one of the first in the U.S., more than two decades ago. I wanted to offer clients a tasty snack and a refreshing beverage, but I wanted to keep it healthy.

The beverage I offered then has become so popular that it a part of our informal trademark: a large pitcher of fresh iced water with lemon slices and mint slivers. This pure and beneficial refresher is also a visual delight when the sun pouring in from the window facing West 57th Street strikes the pitcher and makes it sparkle.

Snacking & Choosing
As for the snacks, a bowl of crisp-skinned and tart-tasting apples is healthful and much appreciated, as are some chewy vanilla cookies. Why the cookies? Because some clients feel like munching on a cookie. Wellness is a cornerstone of the Dorit Baxter spa, but we are not the food police; we simply offer a choice. The rest is up to whomever partakes of the snacks in our waiting area. All we will say is—whatever your choice, bon appétit!

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