Summer Combo Special

Dorit Baxter is offering substantial discounts on a variety of treatments throughout the summer. Learn about the latest deal here, a massage and sea salt scrub combo that will revitalize your muscles and rejuvenate your skin.

Massage & Sea Salt Scrub Special bodyscrub

We call it the Delightful Retreat, because it is a combined benefit of minerals from the dead sea and touch therapy of skilled massage.

Circulation Booster

Massage improves circulation by bringing oxygen and other nutrients to body tissues. It also relieves muscle tension, increases flexibility and mobility, and it lifts the spirit. Furthermore, it is an essential addition to a healthful lifestyle.

Pampering & Purifying

The sea salt scrub is a body treatment in which mineral-rich salts are mixed with aromatic oils. This gentle paste is massaged into the entire body to exfoliate dead skin and create a blissful feeling. This delightful treatment pampers the body, purifies the skin and gives it a glow.

Synergetic Combo

We call it the delightful retreat because the combination of a body massage and a body scrub create a synergetic experience. The massage revives the muscles and the body scrub rejuvenates the skin. These two treatments work together so that each deepens the healing effects of the other.

Dorit Baxter Spa Packages are always in season for a very good reason.

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