Valentine’s Discounts for Couples

We are offering several options for celebrating Valentine’s Day any time during the month of February at Dorit Baxter.

Couples Massage Sessions
The sensations and emotions evoked from luxuriating side-by-side in a candlelit room savoring simultaneous massages provided by a pair of expert therapists must be experienced to be understood. Couples Massage means for us at Dorit Baxter that duos of all ages and stages of relationship indulge themselves with this inspiring celebration of the sweet and deep connections between two people who are bringing their intimacy to new places in the mind, heart, and body of each.

Couples Massage Lessons
An experienced massage therapist instructs an amorous twosome in tactile techniques for pampering each other with a deftly healing touch. Through this instructive session, a loving couple learns new skills for expressing their mutual caring.

For Him, for Her
Identical Gifts, one for her to give to him, the other for him to give to her so that a couple can enjoy together our wellness-inducing massage, plus a pair of pampering and grooming treatments—manicure and pedicure. This combined savoring of healing and pampering will make for a memorable shared experience.

Couples Package
A deluxe package for two designed to give you a richly varied spa experience, from massage and facial, a manicure or pedicure—the choice is yours, plus to a Sea Salt Body Scrub that exfoliates and relaxes so that you will go home completely in tune with each other

Duo Delight for Duos
Our Couples Special gives every twosome an opportunity to share not only a massage but also our signature Classic European Facial. This combo gives a loving couple the opportunity to enjoy together our two most sumptuous treatments, which will take the two of you to a new place in a shared tactile experience. Together the couple floats out of the spa with their muscles recharged, their features refreshed and their feelings for each other renewed.

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