Why Buy a Spa Package?

Here at Dorit Baxter, our extensive set of spa packages are a perennial favorite—here’s why:

Always Affordable
A spa package consists of individual treatments bundled together into a package whose cost is a significant saving over the sum of the cost of the separate treatments. The packages vary in price so that their scope covers every spa-goers budget. If you’re in a phase of frugality, try our $99 Special. If you have an urge to splurge but want to keep your cost under $300, try our Ultimate Relaxation.

Keep in mind that our spa’s packages are available and affordable on a permanent basis, so all you have to do is pick what works for you at any moment in time.

Packages Are Presents
Spa packages make sumptuous gifts suitable at any time for whomever you care about—including you. You can a make yourself a present of a spa package whenever you feel like being pampered and prettified with treatments that enhance your appearance and improve your well-being.

A Package for Every Preference
With so wide an array of packages from which to choose, you are sure to find one to suit your preference.

From a Couples Package for those looking to enhance romantic feelings, to Prenatal Pampering of prospective mothers, or Postnatal Pampering for new moms, whatever the circumstance of your life, we have a spa package to match it.

From the oxygen spray and seaweed slimmer included in our Beauty Boot Camp package, to the total pampering of our Pure Indulgence package—take your pick, it’s all there for your choosing.

Enjoy Your Spa Packages,
Dorit Baxter & the Spa Staff

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