Winter Spa Discounts

Four Spa Specials
We all can benefit from pampering and beautifying treatments in the midst of harsh winds and freezing temperatures. This winter of 2013, our spa is offering the following winter bargains:

Triple Treat Package
For the fundamentals of wellness-promoting, pampering and prettifying, our Triple Treat Package is perfection and you will float out of the spa fortified for the long and dark winter weeks still ahead of us.

Discounted Spa Packages
The choice is yours among our many Discounted Spa Packages where you are sure to find the one which meets your current needs, circumstances, and wishes. These packages have been carefully designed to suit a variety of client preferences and in this challenging season, you deserve an abundant choice of opulent options.

Off-Peak Deal
With the holidays behind us, and most of winter still ahead, we are resuming our much requested Off-Peak Prices special. This is a real deal for those with flexible schedules and a liking for a slower-paced and quieter way of life.

Makeup Sale
It’s back-to-basics with a 30% discount on the three essentials for cosmetic perfection. This is another Dorit Baxter real deal to help melt those winter blues and blahs by providing products as well as services to make you look and feel your best throughout this season.

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